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Bare Minimum: Sunday Trees, Nov 6,2016


How sparse does a tree have to get before it ceases to be a tree and becomes a branch?

Last Day at the Beach (Share Your World, Week 37)

There was still more to discover at the beach on Prince Edward Island, including one big surprise.  (Different day, different beach.)  If you want to read the captions to share the plot of that day, you’ll need to click on the first photo and then follow the arrows.

And now, to answer the questions:

Have you ever owned a rock, pet rock, or gem that is not jewerly?

Yes.  I have owned tons of rocks!  We used them to make art lamps and I have always loved collecting rocks, including the ones I used to make creches the year before last. I was a jewelry maker before I moved to Mexico and so also had trays of unset gems.  You are barking up the right tree with this question, Cee!

What is your greatest strength or weakness?

Chocolate!  Guess it qualifies as a weakness.  Definitely not a strength.

What makes you feel grounded? 

Writing or creating art.

Would you rather never be able to eat warm food or never be able to eat cold food?

I actually prefer most foods cold so would choose to eat cold food over hot. Ice cream!!!

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

I was so grateful for time spent with Dianne and Andy, my wonderful hosts on Price Edward Island.  now I look forward to eighteen more days spent with Forgottenman as well as other friends and family members.  Then I’ll be grateful to go home to see Morrie, Frida and Diego–and hear the tales of my house sitters Ian and Pen, for whom I am also grateful.




When Papa grabbed his squeezebox and baby hit the gong,
all the other children ran up to play along.
Henry played the drums and Molly the kazoo.
Oscar blew the tuba ’til he started to turn blue.

Sally on the saxophone and Henry on the flute,
Wanda on the trumpet went rootie tootie toot.
Mama led the singing and Grandma hummed along
as one-by-one the children joined them in their song.

All the kids went swaying, rocking on their toes
as they sang a song embellished by cardinals and crows.
The cattle in the pasture joined in with soothing moos—
the cockerels crooning descants with their cockadoodledoos.

The mourning doves sang background, telling of their woes,
while all the little sparrows cheeped neatly from their rows.
The horses voiced their  whinnies and sheep all baaaahed along
until the  world surrounding us had joined in on the song.

Woodpeckers beat percussion until our song was done,
joining us in music that proved that we were one.
Goldfinches and burros were next to join the throng,
all speaking the same language in this singalong.

I heard it from the mockingbird who heard it from the jay.
It was a pretty chorus that rose up from that day.
Now most days thereafter, we’ve sung in harmony.
If everyone would join us, how grand the world could be.

Snowy Egret: A Vision of Maternity

(Please click on the photos to enlarge)

It would be hard to choose which sense is most stimulated by Mexico.  I’ve written a few times about the sounds of Mexico as well as her flavors, but for me it is the visions of Mexico that top my sensory list of thrills.  Time and time again, it has been color that has attracted the lens of my camera, but last week I exited Cafetto Saga and happened to look up at the monstrous “Egret tree” where egrets perch for the night and I was thrilled to have this opportunity to photograph  white––not only the snowy perfection of egrets, but to also find that I was in a perfect location to photograph this mother and her chicks.  The somewhat goofy appearance of the chicks offsets the elegance of the adults.  I especially love the one of the chick stretched out to caress its mother’s beak. In fifteen years, I have never lost my excitement in viewing these graceful, gorgeous birds.

Night Heron: Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge, Day 5:


Night heron in the mangroves, La Manzanilla Laguna, Jalisco, Mexico, February, 2016 Judy Dykstra-Brown Photo

I was invited by Cee from to participate in a challenge called Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. (Check out Cee’s wonderful nature photos by clicking on the link above.

As part of this challenge, I am to post one nature photograph a day for one week and to ask one other person to join the seven-day challenge each day I post.  Today I ask you to check out the  photography in Our Rumbling Ocean  as I’m nominating him to take part in the Seven Day Nature Challenge as well. I hope you will check out his link just above. You won’t be disappointed.


Palm Tree Blossoms: Flower of the Day Mar 22, 2016


This little woodpecker wakes me up most mornings, pecking away 80 feet or more up one of my palm trees.  This morning it brought a gift by bringing my attention to these beautiful palm blossoms that I usually only notice floating in my pool.

Pacific Blue

Strange how many times the Pacific is not Pacific blue!  In these photos, somewhere in the water is the color of blue that this challenge calls “Pacific Blue.”  The phrase has an added meaning to me, however, because I go home in six days and this time I am really not ready to go back.  Here are some of the reasons why.

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