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Flower Power

Flower Power

As it slipped off the shelf, the flower gave a growl.
It never intended to go on the prowl.

It’s against flower ethics to go off on one’s own,
unopened, unblossomed and not fully grown.

No flower’s a star. They’re all one of the bunch,
but given a shot at it, I have a hunch

that beneath every garden, the flowers below
are driven to rise up—to open and crow,

to greet the new morning and bask in its heat,
and that then they ‘d be off if they only had feet.

Their one chance at freedom is if they are clipped
and bunched into bunches, then bartered and shipped

to  exotic places where the minute they’re sold,
they’ll be off to adventures and their world will unfold.

Then if perchance they are placed on a shelf,
they may tumble to earth to be by themself.

Short-lived as they are, they might think as they fall
from their limited knowledge, that they’ve seen it all!!


For Sunday Swirl’s Wordle 553, the prompt words are: star shelf growl slip open flower crow against prowl beneath beat shot.

Wet Alibi

Wet Alibi

Two thunderous bolts of lightning split the midnight sky.
No one was here to hear them. Only the dogs and I.
The priggish cats were nestled in a knot deep in their bed,
stomach against stomach, inverted tail to head.

Rain fell down in buckets. Lights flickered off and back,
then off again and all the world descended into black.
When some derelict wiring succumbed to the first drop,

I tried to phone a report  to the electricity cop,

but not a person answered at the guard house or Con Ed,
so I finally accepted that the whole world had gone dead.
No wifi meant no internet. No music. No TV.
A twelve-hour outage led to nil blogging activity.

And that is why the phone just rang with an inquiry.
Forgottenman was wondering what had become of me.
Was I not going to post? So I hastened to the job.
The lights are on. It’s time to feed the hungry blogster mob!

True story, all of it., except for the poetic license of calling the Mexican electrical commission (CFE)  Con Ed.  The rhyme, you know….Over 16 hours without electricity. My story and I’m sticking to it. Actually, half of the house was in brownout and the rest totally without electricity. Evidently this was an area-wide outage, but just in spots. All the houses around me were dark. Below me there were lights and this was true in all the villages along the lake. Weird.

Check out this post if you want to see some hard rain:


Prompt words today are thunderous,  active, derelict, prig,

Rainy Season, at Last!

Rainy Season, at Last!

The drought has been demoted to third or fourth page news
since storm clouds started gathering in various somber hues.
The headlines now predict the news that storms will soon be coming,
and those athirst for moisture will soon find raindrops drumming.
Rivulets with ebb and flow and gutters will be brimming
and they might as well close down the school. The kids will all be swimming!

Prompt words today are athirst, demoted, ebb, flow and headline.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Mother’s Day is celebrated a few days later in Mexico than it is in the States. Jesus brought his family to my house to start out the day of celebration last Tuesday. He is pictured with his wife, Berta, son Eduardo and daughter Rosario and her boyfriend Jairo, as well as my “Kids”–stepson Jeff and his wife Debbi. We had a fun whirlwind week trying to beat the heat.  This pool party helped.


Click on photos to enlarge.

Here are some more photos. You may notice that Zoey received more than her share of attention:

The only problem arose when Jesus tried to put on his shoes and socks and Zoey turned proprietorial. It took three people assert Jesus’ claims to his own shoes and socks.

Click on photos to see the action:

Disquieting Muses

Disquieting Muses

Disquieting muses take over my mind,
creating dreams of the frustrating kind.
They open the padlocks and bring out to play
old worries I thought had been long locked away.
Iniquities for which I thought I’d atoned
seem to have thrived and emerge newly cloned.
Richer by far as though funded by time,
they grow flowering vines that smother and climb.
They glow in the dark to remind me of all
that I’ve done in the past that could cause a great fall.
But when I awaken, I know very well
that purloined penny candies won’t land me in Hell.




Prompt words are disquieting, padlock, iniquity, glow and fund.

Revolt at Walmart

Revolt at Walmart

Give us the proper rebate if you want us to behave.
We have our coupons in our hands and we’re not going to cave.
It is not iniquity to ask for what you’re due.
Accede to our demands or we’re going to mount a coup.

So what if it’s a misprint in the paper? Not our fault.
Produce what you offered, for we’re not going to halt.
Although you say to honor it would amount to a steal,
20 for 1 seems to us a reasonable deal!

Prompt words for the day are proper, beam, rebate, iniquity and behave.