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Beauty in Ruins: May 27, 2018


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Man and nature conspire to create collages making use of these old buildings in the pueblo just below my house. I am mystified about what the other end of the noose seen in the first photo is attached to. I had to include the paint-splattered paving stones from Ajijic as well as it suited the theme.


For Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Little Duck’s Adventures, Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Mar 21, 2018


Far be it from me to break the law by taking Little Duck out the the car in this Tennessee rest stop without a leash. He was indignant, but what’s a mother to do? Big Duck chose to stay in the car.

For Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.

Music Makers: Odd Ball Challenge, May 21, 2017

Be it a mariachi’s guitar or a detail of my friend Larry’s guitar, I love the artistry of musical instruments. Then, I couldn’t resist adding photos of one of the guitars whose artistry I attempted to augment.



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Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, Apr 17, 2017

I don’t know why this little scene tickled me so when I took Morrie out for a walk one morning in La Manz.  It looked like the beer caps were all escaping from the garage and about to slip down the drain.  Mass evacuation!



I love Cee’s odd ball challenge!

Art Fusion: Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, Week 49


Art Fusion

The funky Gecko Gallery in Ajijic, Mexico, has a perfect solution to an overloaded electrical circuit and it only cost ten pesos (two five pesos coins) to solve the problem!  I hated to ask to photograph the art, but I had no compunction about photographing their fuse box! Art is everywhere.  I enjoyed my friend Mario’s two shows opening on the same night in Ajijic, and enjoyed other spontaneous photography “finds” as well.

Cee’s Oddball Challenge

                                                          Cee’s Oddball Challenge

Version 2IMG_5262
The first picture is the actual color of the wigs, but for some reason I prefer the second version, where I unsaturated the colors.

For more oddball color see:

Unfortunately Masked: Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge 2015, Week 32

Unfortunately Masked

Most of the masks kids made at our week-long camps for kids were stunning and you’ve seen a number of them on past blogs.  There were a few, however, that definitely qualify as oddballs!


When all else fails, just slap a feather on the end of your nose and call it art!


Perhaps it is that one sinister eye peering out or the odd misalignment of the placement of the mask that gives this one an oddball aura. I also like placement of the painting behind which gives him the appearance of having one horn that parallels the drooping ear. Does that look like a goober coming out of his nose and a little green creature reaching up to grab it?


Darling, but definitely oddball!!!