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Shadows and Reflections


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Obviously, I got a bit carried away again, but I did cull out some.  After you’ve looked at these photos, don’t miss Cee’s Shadows and Reflections in the link below.

For CBWC, Shadows and Reflections, don’t miss Cee’s photos HERE.

Animal Voices



IMG_5073 3


Animal Voices

My cat is very subtle, so I named her Innuendo.
Not so for the dogs, who always speak in a crescendo.

When they feel romantic, cats may wail an eerie tune,
but dogs need no testosterone to prompt their nightly croon.

Cats vocalize for grand events. Dogs blather on at small things:
a squirrel on the garden wall–literally all things.

Every passing siren causes canine howls to bloom.
They seem to herald catastrophe–to signal the world’s doom.

If cats should chance to dream a tune, they keep it in their bosom,
but I think dogs release their songs simply to amuse ’em.


Word prompts today are: innuendo, bloom, bosom, blather and tune.

Life With Cats 1.

Every time I think Annie has cornered the market in weirdness, she comes up with a new angle.  With a comfy cat bed, numerous rugs and cushions, two sofas and two people beds all awaiting her presence, tonight I walked into the bathroom to find her comfortably bedded down in her litter tray!  Go figure.



Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Two by Two

A two-headed cat, pigs in a poke, marble nude lady wrestlers?  Better enlarge these or you’ll miss it all. Click on first photo, please, to enlarge photos to see details.



For Cee’s Couples, Twins and Twos Prompt


S’cat!!!! NJW’s Halloween Challenge.

Everyday Kitty

Casts a fine shadow. Likes to curl up.
Has to put up with that scrawny new pup.
At her most regal when perched up on leather,
she suns on the wall in the sunniest weather.

Not very scary like Halloween cats.
Doesn’t quite go with pumpkins and bats.
But everyday kitty has her own way,
and she’s a great kitty for just every day.

Color Your World Pink Sherbet

Grey World : Travel Theme Grey


How can you know I’m not cheating? In black and white, lots of colors pass for grey!!!

Version 2

See? She’s really grey! Squeak/nee Birdie/nee Annie no longer comes onto the property now that a second and third dog have been added.  She is faithful to this wall.  Especially at mealtime.  I don’t know where she sleeps.  Not in her bed in the nice warm cat carrier in the garage anymore.  She is semi-wild.


Storms dumped tons of rocks onto the beach in La Manzanilla last year. Made for a lot of gray!


This gray heron is almost invisible against banks of grey stones.


Six inches of sand and dirt completely obscured the paving stones on main street so first timers were mislead into thinking there was no paving at all. Men worked for weeks to shovel out the packed sand and reveal the pavers underneath.