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No Words!!! (The Morrie Saga)

No Words!!!! (The Morrie Saga)

One episode follows too quickly on the heels of another. I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

IMG_1840IMG_1844IMG_1842 IMG_1843 IMG_1845 IMG_1846 IMG_1837

Yes, he opened the drawer.  Yes, he ate the drawer knob, and the TV antenna connection, and the books, and the crayons!!!  No, I didn’t ever think he could get a drawer open.

Yes, I have removed the drawers from the room now.  Yes, I feed this dog.  No, I can’t spend every moment with him.  Yes, at least he didn’t eat the second box of crayons.

Yes, he’s sleeping here beside me as I type this. Yes, his stomach is growling.

Some Scottie parents continue to underestimate their kids, in spite of what Marilyn and Garry tell them.

Too soon old, too late smart!!!

IMG_1850Yes, this is a new picture of Morrie looking guilty!  I should have known when he was in his cage when I entered the room and when he didn’t start clamoring to be let out of his room the minute I got home.  I need a theme song similar to Jaws to start playing when I enter my house!!!