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Beauty in Ruins: May 27, 2018


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Man and nature conspire to create collages making use of these old buildings in the pueblo just below my house. I am mystified about what the other end of the noose seen in the first photo is attached to. I had to include the paint-splattered paving stones from Ajijic as well as it suited the theme.


For Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, Apr 17, 2017

I don’t know why this little scene tickled me so when I took Morrie out for a walk one morning in La Manz.  It looked like the beer caps were all escaping from the garage and about to slip down the drain.  Mass evacuation!



I love Cee’s odd ball challenge!

Painterly Illusions: Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 47, 2016


For the next few Odd Ball Challenges, I’m going to submit photos that I consider to be painterly. You may not be able to figure out what it is, but I think it works as a composition. I accept all guesses.

Living Hand to Mouth? Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge, 2016 Week 15

IMG_5332 (1)

Thanks, Hirundine for the perfect title for this photo.

Oddball Xmas: Cee’s Oddball Challenge

Oddball Xmas


You saw part of this unusual choice of costume in my Xmas post, but I saved the  photo of the entire ensemble for Cee’s Oddball Challenge.  If this doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what will! My brother-in-law bought the suit for a joke.  We added the glasses, cap and antlers. I think you’ll agree that he qualifies as a good sport!!!  I’m wondering what he will come up with for New Years!!!

Pagans in a Modern Age: COB Challenge

Pagans in a Modern Age

A few years ago, three friends and I went on a scouting party to find new artists for the Maestros del Arte Feria. Somewhere near Puebla, we took a back road and chanced upon this strange sight.  We never did figure out what to make of it.
P4160185It was in farm country–no rare commodity in Mexico, where rural is the norm.  This farm looked modern in most respects.
P4160183But as we zeroed in on the details, it felt as though we were going back in time to some pagan rite.
P4160183_2Was it a joke? Some local custom? A random coincidence of someone finding the doll’s head and sticking it on the stick in the middle of the crop rows?  We’ll never know, but as you can see, I couldn’t resist pulling over to take a few shots.  Not the weirdest thing that happened on our trip, but certainly the weirdest sight.