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Flitting here and flitting there,
sometimes just in my underwear,
unsmitten by the winter weather,
rarely am I aware whether
there is sun or snow or rain
outside the walls of my domain,
the fervor of the climate being
something far beyond my seeing.

The phrase that March is coming in
like a lion? Beyond my ken.
They’re merely lyrics in a song.
I’ve been a shut-in for so long
that weather doesn’t apply to me.
For one year, I’ve been climate-free,
nestled here, cat on my knee
in front of laptop or T.V.

Two thousand twenty and twenty-one
have addicted me to other fun
than outside social interactions.
I have narrowed my reactions
to the confines of four walls.
No homes of friends, cafes or malls.
It’s been a year since forced to choose
any other type of shoes
than flip-flops or my Birkenstocks.
Or since I donned a pair of socks.

Have styles changed, or is the blouse
purchased before banned to my house
still in vogue? How would I know?
Where does anybody go 
that it is possible to share it?
There’s nowhere left for me to wear it!
My social life is now in traction,
suffering from under-action.

No pub-crawls, dining out or dancing.
No hobnobbing and no romancing.
No skiing and no beach vacation.
Simply solo relaxation!
We suffer lives of self-containment.
No other trips or entertainment.

The whole world sharing one elation—
the prospects of a vaccination!

Prompt words today are flit, smitten, phrase and fervor.

A Little Tip

A Little Tip

Although I’m a big tipper, no gratificación
will be awaiting waiters who linger on the phone
and let my soup or burger get cold up on the shelf.
I’ll send my food back to the chef and spend your tip myself!

I’ve declared a moratorium on mandatory tips.

My money will not cross your palm if cold food meets my lips.
If you’re somewhere slumbering and my drink is late,
will it affect the money left beneath my plate?

You can bet your lazy ass it will. So get your butt in gear
before my lips get parched and dry from waiting for a beer.
If my bread basket is meager and the bread is old and dry,
I’ll save your 25 percent for another guy.

I’ll give it as a baksheesh for some kid that I pass
who hasn’t done a thing for me—just like your sorry ass.
Lagging in your service won’t win a lagniappe.
Lollygagging will not put a feather in your cap.

So if you seek a tip from me, attention will be fateful.
I only give gratuities for service when I’m grateful!


Word prompts today are slumber, moratorium, meager and lagniappe. Photo downloaded from Unsplash with permission.

Silly Old Sod: Locked In

This is an absolutely hilarious true story by “Silly Old Sod.” I couldn’t find a reblog button for WP so I’ve done screenshots of his lead-in and put a link at the bottom so you can go to his blog for most of the story. It is well worth it, so please read to the end. 

Now, go here to ready the rest of the story:

Enthusiastic Diners

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Enthusiastic Diners

Their responses to the meal I served were most enthusiastic,
though the wine glasses were paper and the knives and forks were plastic.
They devoured the mashed potatoes and ate every scrap of lamb,
licked clean the dish of green beans and massacred the ham.

They’re my most staunch supporters, and so I never fear.
If I run out of wine, they are satisfied with beer.
When the pumpkin pie is finished, then Oreos are fine.
It doesn’t matter if it is Nabisco’s food or mine.

When it comes to family appetites, I don’t have to worry.
They’ll eat anything I serve from hamburgers to curry.
There’s just one rule I have to heed on Thanksgiving day.
I put food on the table and get out of the way!!!


Prompt words today are lamb, staunch, enthusiastic.

The King of Beasts Fetes the Animal Kingdom

The King of Beasts Fetes the Animal Kingdom

When he threw a sumptuous banquet to honor all his minions,
they showed up by the thousands via hoof and fin and pinions.
He planned a sumptuous feast , hoping that it would invigorate,
but instead the meal he’d seved only served to agitate.
The pelicans were shocked by the roast turkey and fried chicken, 
for they found such a diet to be less than finger-licken’.

The shrimp cocktail shocked the flounder and made the tuna ill.
Before they even had a bite, they found they’d had their fill.
The black Angus were all traumatized when they were served the veal.
Sheep couldn’t eat the mutton and Baaah-humbugged the whole meal.
Thus, one-by-one they found the king of beasts to be barbarian.
How short-sighted he’d been not to just go with vegetarian!

Prompt words are sumptuous, invigorate, minion . Photo by Jeena Jeong on Unsplash. Used with permission.

A Night in Shining Armor

A Night in Shining Armor

The royal chambers  were impressive, their ceilings high and vaulted,
and the king that lived within them was respected and exalted,
but he’d grown a bit too portly around his hips and bust.
To put it more politely? He was overly robust.

Only once a year was there a problem with his girth.
On the anniversary of his country’s birth
when he had to put on armor, it had become a must,
if he was to fit inside it, to be securely trussed.

Thus girded and then girdled, he was stuffed within
armor made for him before, back when he was thin!
Luckily, there was sufficient room around his face,
so, although the rest of it lacked sufficient space,

he was able to make speeches about affairs of state,
to eulogize and glorify and pontificate!
Then, after the ceremonies, feeling young and sprightly,
he visited his concubines, clad regally and tightly.

But when he tried to exit his protective crust,
he found that he’d been glued within by a seal of rust!
They tried to use a crowbar, a hammer and a chisel,
but, alas, it was a rainy day and all that drizzle

had sealed him tight within the metal of his kingly raiment,
making it a prison, not just a brief containment.
At length, they called a blacksmith who with cutting, prying, hammering,
in spite of the king’s protests, his commanding and his yammering,

removed the monarch from his shell, released him to his ardor,
none-the-worse for all those nightly visits to his larder.
The ladies took him to their beds and comforted and soothed him,
giving him that royal special care that much  behooved him.

And when next year the king was placed upon his royal charger,
the armor that he wore was seen to be some sizes larger.
The invoice that the blacksmith sent for the king’s re-guising,
tactfully just charged him for adjustment and resizing,

but in fact, the artisan had made a big improvement
bound to make it easier for future royal movement
if he kept up his nightly search for items that were edible.
Cleverly, he made it out of chainmail that was spreadable!

Prompt words today are robust, invoice, sprightly and exalted. I took this photo in 1969 on an eight week driving tour of Great Britain. It was taken in the castle of Sir Walter Scott.  Just this year, I bought a slide converter and converted the slides of that trip to jpegs. I hadn’t seen these photos in almost fifty years! Came in handy today.

The Sun Hat

The Sun Hat

Her hat’s broad brim shadows her face,
discouraging his fond embrace.

He removes the hat and then
plants a kiss where it has  been.

Both actions—kiss and hat removal
have the lady’s full approval.

So, with no further ado,
he makes it two!

For dVerse Poets: Embrace.



Flirtation is cathartic—a furbelow of life.
Though it is mainly fictitious, still it eases pain and strife.
It sets our spirits soaring and makes us feel much younger,
but takes the edge off appetites without dispelling hunger.

A nibble here, a small bite there might set our lips to smacking,
but a deeper part of us detects what might be lacking.
Caviar on toast is fine for an initial tasting,
but what we need is turkey,
crisp and golden from its basting,

but succulent inside, or a meal that fills us up
like an egg salad sandwich or pea soup in a cup.
Flirting’s great for starters, but it isn’t real.
What really solves an appetite is eating the whole meal.

Prompt words for today are soaring, cathartic, fictitious and furbelow.

Fibbing Friday, Feb 5, 2021

For the Fibbing Friday prompt, here are the questions and my answers:

  1. What is Groundhog Day all about? Some people just take up more than their fair share of space on this earth. This is our chance to tell them what we think of them.
  2. What is déjà vu? Every Thanksgiving Meal of your life.
  3. What is meant by the phrase, “Hindsight is always 20/20”? From this day forward, our past memories are going to be fixed on the year 2020. Much as we wish it were not so, we won’t be able to help ourselves.
  4. What are reruns? The second and subsequent ladders in silk stockings. Now a passé term.
  5. What does it mean to be redundant? Dying the roots of gray hair previously dyed brown.
  6. What word describes unnecessary repetition? Mississippi
  7. What is the name given to TV shows when they are shown again after their original air date? I Love Lucy
  8. What phrase is used when you you can look back at a situation and clearly see what should have been done? “Been there, should have done that!”
  9. What is the feeling that you have been somewhere or done something before called? “Been there, redone that!”
  10. What day supposedly determines how long winter will last based on a particular animal seeing or not seeing its shadow? October 13, Pet Obesity Awareness Day. For a wild animal, its shadow is its only mirror and can be a shocking sight after a winter of no exercise. Many a chubby beast, faced with the truth, retreats underground again.(Yes, it is a real holiday.)