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A Little Scrabble Miracle

If you are a Scrabble player, you will realize how unlikely it is that anyone can find room for a 7 letter word during the last few plays.  First of all, the likelihood of drawing 7 letters that make a word so late in the game are unlikely, and secondly, there is rarely a space for a seven letter word, sincle most of the board is already covered.  What, then, are the chances that you would both have the same letters left to build the exact same seven letter word in the same turn?  In this case, the word in itself was rather unusual.  Look for it in the photo below. I’ll let you have a look while I run to the ladies room, and when I get back, I’ll tell you the answer. Two turns later, the final word was played and the game was over.


If you found “urinate” written twice on the board, you are right.  Again, what are the odds? This is an online game, by the way.  I play with my friend Marti in California. I’m in Mexico.

Childish Games: NaPoWriMo 2017, Apr 20

Childish Games

The dominoes go head to toe.
They must line up precisely so.
Why that’s so, we do not know.
It was determined long ago.

Rules of the game were made to last
ages ago, long in the past.
They tell us when to break our line,
when turning sideways is just fine.

Who can play, in perfect order.
How to avoid the table’s border.
When to ride each other’s train,
then when it is forbidden again.

Necessary rules to follow
lest our world turn blank and hollow?
Senseless rules to senseless games,
we line up tokens on boards and frames.

Sometimes the stakes are higher when
the rules, determined by famous men,
turn life and death, each token one
less calculated to end in fun.

All game pieces hidden away,
there to use some other day
when some fool says it’s okay.
Secrecy the rules of play.

Suddenly, the play’s no fun.
We want the gaming to be done.
Put away the games and toys.
It’s time for you to grow up, boys.

The prompt in NaPoWriMo today is to write a poem that incorporates the vocabulary and imagery of a specific sport or game. Mine was based on the domino game called “Chickenfoot” or “Mexican Train.”  Ironically, in Mexico it is called “Tren Cubano” or “Cuban Train.”  Guess everyone likes to pass the buck.

Every Which Way!!! (Cee’s Which Way Challenge #36. 9/9/15)

                                                         Every Which Way!!!

IMG_4713In this Mexican Train game (Some call it Chickenfoot,) it is clear that every way was not only acceptable, but chosen!

IMG_4753 IMG_4751 Version 3 Version 2

IMG_4768Good fences make good neighbors and this barred door created the perfect way for Yoli to make friends with Morrie and Diego. She had a way to reach out to them, but they had no way to get in to her.

If you are still looking for more ways to go, go HERE! to see Cee’s and other photographer’s answer to this challenge.