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Sharing Mr. Teddy


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Sharing Mr. Teddy 

Caught in baby’s neck creases, clinging to Grandpa’s cuff,
escaped from Mr. Teddy are these little bits of fluff.
These airborne little clumps of fuzz go anywhere they please.
They catch in Daddy’s nose hairs, causing him to sneeze.
They wind up in the pancakes–an artistic swirl of blue.
A few of them are tracked outside under Billy’s shoe.
When he climbs onto the school bus, they go along with him,
and everywhere that Mommy goes, to grocery store or gym,
a piece of Teddy comes along to be left behind
somewhere in the wide wide world, but he doesn’t mind.
He has so many fluffy parts that he can share a few.
And when you come to visit, you can take some home with you!!

The prompt today was fluff.


Forgotten Friend: Fun Foto Challenge June 20, 2017

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I found this much-played-with doll of my youth stuffed into a suitcase at my niece’s house.  She had found it in my sister’s attic.  I thought it had been lost forty years ago when a tornado hit my parent’s house.  Unbeknownst to me, my sister had removed our old toys before the tornado hit. She’s a bit the worst for wear after being played with by two more generations of little girls after me, but her hair, in time’s dreadlocks, looks more up to date than her former perfect curls.


For Cee’s Prompt:

Toying Around: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge/Kids or Pets with Toys

Toying Around

DSC07547 (1)

DSC07547 (2) DSC08297 DSC08417 Version 2


These little guys were entertaining themselves with coloring books in their dad’s butcher shop in Ajijic.

DSC08919 DSC08920


“Juguetes”– Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge/Games

“Juguetes”–Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge/GamesIMG_5344
“Jugetes” is Spanish for “Games,” and I made this retablo to honor all the favorite games of the past.  Perhaps you’ll recognize the little numbers game, where we had to shuffle the tiles within a set frame to get all the numbers into sequence, or a harmonica, games pieces from different games including Monopoly and Scrabble, a toy duck, doll, toy boat, a guitar, toy horse, dice, toy car, soccer ball, paint and marbles.  The star shapes are cut from a plastic Slinky toy made in the shape of stars.  I was very happy to see this prompt, Shannon.  Thanks so much!

IMG_4713Mexican Train is wildly popular among expats in Mexico.  This particular version is called “Chickenfoot.”  Strangely enough, the Mexican name for Mexican Train is Cuban Train–“Tren Cubano!”

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Dolls I have Owned–for Marilyn

daily life color062 (1)

This is my big sister Patti and I. She is holding her doll “Adorable.” and I am holding my brand new Tiny Tears doll. More about her below. The admiring little girl in the middle was my much older sister’s Carnival doll–won for her by some boyfriend.We are in my big sister Betty’s bedroom–all green and white and black plaid.  Very sophisticated, we thought.  I learned how to read cursive trying to read Betty’s love letters in a little cedar box on top of the chest of drawers to my right in the picture.

Dolls I have Owned (This post is really for Marilyn, but if you like dolls, you can look.)



Tiny Tears. I still have her but her rubber body totally rotted away. I have her head and arms and perhaps a leg or two…and the hard plastic tube that carried water down to her diaper that was inside the rubber body which totally crumbled away. She had a glued on wig, not rooted hair as later ones did. I loved this doll. Wore it out.


My doll’s face looked like this but her hair was strawberry blonde.


My Jan Doll was a replica of this one, but cooler clothes. She had those red clogs, which I loved, tight Levis and a white blouse with turned up collar, hoop earrings and a bottle of Coke that I still have!!! There were two companion dolls, Jill and Jan.  I think Jan is the one I had but could have been Jill.


This was the Jeff Doll that went with Jill and Jan. Mine was not as much of a dweeb at this Jeff is! Ha. (Black socks with shorts? Was that ever cool?) He had neat pants and a jacket. I think I let him wear Jan’s Levis but not her high heeled clogs.


This was the Terri Lee doll I had. Never had any of her original clothes as I think they were $25 an outfit and up. Too rich for our blood.


This is the exact Cisette doll I had. (Madame Alexander doll) She was my last doll and I played with her all the time, made her clothes and had clothes made for her like mine. She came in this camisole with nylon stockings and darling silver high heels with a silver wraparound strap around the ankle. That bow was glued on! I pried it off. When I was in my sister’s wedding, the seamstress made her a long dress just like mine. I had a lot of clothes for her, including a lovely light pink dotted swiss with a green velvet sash. Also a wonderful peach dress with can cans and a bonnet with flowers. I loved that dress. I think she was my favorite doll of all times–got her for the last year or two I played with dolls and she took me into my pre-teen fantasies. Both she and her clothes were very well made.  A class act.


I think this is actually the nightgown that came in the box with her, along with the items described above.


Wooden Heart

Wooden Heart

He handed it to me without ceremony—a small leather bag, awl-punched and stitched together by hand. Its flap was held together by a clasp made from a two fishing line sinkers and a piece of woven wax linen. I unwound the wax linen and found inside a tiny wooden heart with his initials on one side, mine on the other. A small hole in the heart had a braided cord of wax linen strung through that was attached to the bag so that the heart could not be lost. He had woven more waxed linen into a neck cord. I was 39 years old when he gave me that incredible thing I never thought I would receive: his heart—as much of it as he could give. Continue reading