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Dear Robin Williams


Robin Williams was one of those people I always hoped I would meet one day. I am so sad at the loss of this man with the utterly unique zany sense of humor. If I’d been famous or a neighbor or run across him in a perfectly natural setting one day, I think we would have been friends. Probably most people felt this way about him and that is why we were all so crazy about him. People like this sometimes don’t know that they are genuinely loved—or at least can’t believe it. If that were not true, then it would mean that in the end, fame and being loved and being a genius wasn’t enough. We are all so complex—thinking the others have the answers when really we are all trying to work it out for ourselves. Dear Robin Williams, I didn’t know you except through your genius, but from my point of view, you were one of the world’s treasures and I for one am going to miss not having you in it.

(Somehow, this post just seemed to belong with this daily prompt.  I’d already posted one post, but I’m now posting this one as well. )

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