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Long-legged Birds for NPC #9

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From Lake Chapala to La Manzanilla to Alabama to Wyoming to the rainforests of Peru, I never met a bird I didn’t have to photograph.  Here are a few of the long-legged ones, as directed by the prompt!  Yes, I got carried away a bit.

For Nature Photo Challenge #9–Long-legged Birds



My perception see-saws between wonderment and worry,
all our lovely world devoted to such hurry
that in the furious ruckus, much is overlooked,
as if every second has been overbooked.

Take time to watch the sunrise and to hear the finch’s song.
Pick these things like flowers and carry them along.
Everything’s a lesson. All of nature is a book,
so between your rushing-offs, be sure to have a look.

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Prompt words today are wonderment, ruckus, see-saw, perception, lesson and sing.

Caged Bird

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Caged Bird

My cage is comfortable, but
it is a homey sort of rut.
Is it not reasonable for
a bird to want a whole lot more?

Confined to this continual squeeze,
I yearn for freedom of the trees—
the air, the feel of wind on wings.
One should not confine wild things.


Prompts today are reasonable, homey, confine, trees.

Water Denizen Trios: Which Do You Prefer?

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Which do you prefer? Three different shots of the same scene. I couldn’t decide. Night Herons at rest.

Here is another. Egrets walking.


And finally: Three more choices of water creatures of another sort. Closeup or far view? Which do you prefer?

For Lens Artist Challenge: Three of a Kind




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You burn the air with tail and wing,
not thinking about anything.

Each lift of pinion simple, sure,
anonymous, unplanned and pure.

No slipshod planning, everything
insures facility of wing.

Each barb, each shaft composed with care
made less of matter than of air.

We only guess. We do not know,
what hand has engineered it so,

 merely wonder at its might
as we watch your easy flight,

lifting up with ease most rare
by miracle of wing on air.


Prompt words today are burnsimple, slipshod and wing.