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When Seafolk Get Together

I know I’m not supposed to be posting anything, but my friend Leslie sent me this email and of course it inspired a poem. Here is the list of collective nouns for ocean animals that she sent me.

Did you know….

It’s a smack of jellyfish
A shiver of sharks
A battery of barracudas
A romp of otters
A consortium of crabs
An audience of squid and
A fever of stingrays

 (Thanks @oceana for the valuable ocean info.)

This is what resulted!


When Seafolk Get Together

I’d like to smack that jellyfish for oozing here and there,
sticking to my elbows and globbing up my hair.
If I had known its tendency to stick right to my belly,
I would have brought some peanut butter to go with my jelly.

Sharks always make me shiver. You can’t tell where they are.
They might be nearly anywhere—swimming near or far.
The Chinese love their shark fin soup. They love its taste and crunch,
and sharks return the favor by having us for lunch.

Who knew a barracuda could navigate on land
and survive on highways as well as sea and sand?
All they need is batteries (the Plymouth folks discovered)
to become amphibious—both land and water covered.

If we made boots in their sizes, I know otters would stomp,
but since they must go barefoot, instead they dive and romp.
They open up their oysters by lying on their backs,
putting rocks on tummies and giving them great smacks.

A consortium of crabs can be an itchy deal.
Not the sort of gathering that one wants to feel.
Perhaps out on the beach it’s easier to bear,
but crabs should never gather in anybody’s hair!

Squid make a perfect audience. They do not mock or sneer.
They have eight hands to clap with, although they cannot cheer.
If you sit behind them, how fortunate for you,
for they wear no hats or hairdos to obstruct your view.

That guy there in that Stingray is a speeder and a weaver.
I think that you could say that he must have racing fever.
If he were a fish, it would be fine to go ballistic.
On land, alas, he’s just a fatality statistic.

Uneducated Palate

Uneducated Palate

I haven’t a fine palate. I barely can distinguish
between the different dishes that I’m given to extinguish.
I do not know a dumpling from a fancy knish.
I do not have an inkling of the different sorts of fish.
So if you’re short of delicacies and you have to skimp,
just dole me out some hot dogs and save your fancy shrimp
for someone who appreciates the difference between them,
for I am just a landlocked girl who’s never even seen them!


Today’s prompt words are distinguish and skimp. Here are links:

Koi Ponds and SYW

You can have an unlimited supply of one thing for the rest of your life, what is it? Sushi? Scotch Tape? Good Health

Teleportation or flying? Teleportation! Flying is no fun anymore.

Would you rather live where it only snows or the temperature never falls below 100 degrees?  I could live in either one and just teleport myself to reasonable climes whenever I wished!

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  I’ve been wanting to share these photos of the koi ponds at the Chapala Society. You can see them better by clicking on any photo to enlarge them all. There are a lot of photos, so give them 30 seconds to focus before you begin the slideshow after clicking to enlarge. You only have to do this once, not for each photo.

 And, for the Ragtag prompt: ponds.



For Cee’s Share Your World


Fishless Chips



Dykstra-Brown Photo


I received the below new lunch menu from a local restaurant via email immediately before reading the daily prompt, which was “Flourish.”  It was inevitable that the two would merge.

LUNCH MENU is being offered from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
  • Fish & Chips with Coleslaw
  • Burritos ( Shrimp or Fish)
  • Chimichangas (Shrimp or Fish)
  • Tacos Shrimp or Fish
  • Large Salad with  Shrimp

Fishless Chips

Never have I had a wish
for any kind of seafood dish––
fillet of flounder or tuna knish.
The only menu I find delish
is piscine-free, served with a flourish.
So if this bod you wish to nourish,
just french fry spuds and skip the fish!

is, I fear, devoid of fish.

Day 2, Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge


I love the different levels of reality this photo seems to reveal.  The clarity and brilliant colors of the fish nearer the surface are echoed by the dream fish farther below.  Then that ultimate reality––the clouded sky––reflected in the water, as well as the trees. Even the shadow in the water of the gargoyle of a nearby building as well as this picture itself reflect man’s desire to become godlike by creating beauty in imitation of nature.  We are all part of one big circle and for me this photo reveals that truth. 


I’m honored to have been invited by master photographer Cee from to participate in a challenge called Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge. (Check out Cee’s nature photos as well as her thousands of other wonderful photographs by clicking on the ceenphotography link above.

As part of this challenge, I am to post one nature photograph a day for one week and to ask one other person to join the challenge each day.  Today I ask you to check out the excellent and varied photography of S.M Kelly , whom I have asked to play along. Go here to do so:

Cees Black and White Photo Challenge, Sepia


 This fish and the other objects in the first picture were found in exactly this position on the beach. I was fascinated by the beauty of the arrangement and the details of the fish that was not a fisherman’s catch but had obviously died either before or after it washed ashore.

(Click on first picture and then on arrows to enlarge photos and view gallery.)

Color Your World Sandy

Color Your World Sandy

By the way, I got a broom and some plastic oars and some help and we did get this fellow back out to the water.

Go Fish! Oddball Photo Challenge

                                                                   Go Fish!

Please click on photos to enlarge.