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Inner and Outer: Thursday Doors, Oct 12, 2017

My sister’s beautiful and perfect house brought some surprises this trip.  The front door is being replaced, and in the meantime:

(Click on any photo to enlarge all.)

For Thursday Doors.

Cruising Ocampo.: Thursday Doors, Oct 5, 2017

I love driving the cobblestones between Seis Esquinas and Rio Bravo.  Here’s a bit of what you’d see if you were to cruise along with me. Please click on the first photo to enlarge them all and wait a few seconds for them to focus:





For more doors, look here:

Thursday Door and Window, Aug 24, 2017

IMG_9260IMG_9262 (1)


I couldn’t resist showing the window as well.  The effect of the building is a bit ruined by the chain link fence, but you can see the window in all its glory.