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Upside Down Tree: Sunday Trees, April 1, 2018

I had to stop and take a photo of this tree that to me looks like an upside down tree—as though someone cut it off another tree and stuck it into the ground upside down.  Seems perfect for April Fool’s Day!

Palm Tree: Sunday Trees, Mar 11, 2018

IMG_8964 2

I love this silhouette of the fruiting bundle on a palm tree in front of my open-ended garage.  It is the sight that greets me each time I drive into the garage and I finally got a photo of it.

For the Sunday Trees prompt.





I’m a branch of the family wild and free.
My branches are wide but there’s no fruit on me.
My roots go down deeply. They’re seeking a place
to spread underground while leaving a trace
of what is below by what’s stretched to the skies.
Each leaf is a word that lives and then dries,
pressed onto paper, preserved and collected—
read if I’m lucky, pondered and dissected.

I’ve spawned no additions to the family tree.
Only my words will live after me.

The prompt today is branch.

The Egret Tree: Sunday Trees 324 , Jan 28, 2018

(Enlarge by clicking on first photo.)

There is usually at least one of these mammoth trees with resident herons in every little village around the lake.  It can be a noisy proposition, especially if its inhabitants are night herons, but in this case, it is snowy egrets, another sort of heron, that inhabit Grandmother tree.  For close-up photos of egrets and chicks, go HERE.

For the Sunday Trees 324 prompt.