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Sunday Trees, Sept 24, 2017


This lone tree, seemingly miles from nowhere, is actually very near the Ajijic pier.  Good rains this season have swollen the lake again and will soon overtake this tree as they’ve overtaken the fence line further out. Here’s the rest of the story:


See Becca’s tree and others here:

That Flower, That Tree: (Flowering Schefflera Tree) Sunday Trees and Flower of the Day, Sep 9, 2017

I’ve been trying to get a good shot of this tree for sixteen years, but it grows so huge that it’s impossible to get a good closeup  shot of the blooms while getting the entire tree as well.  A few months ago, I did a shoot of different stages of the flowers on a bush-sized tree at a local car wash, but a few days ago I noticed that it was in full bloom and at a perfect stage and size to capture the entire tree.  Recently, I also  found out the name of this tree after years of inquiry—the flowering Schefflera or Octopus Tree.

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Downed Denizen: Tuesdays of Texture, Week 34, Aug 22, 2017

(Click on photos to enlarge.) When a huge old tree dies and needs to be chopped down, a lot of wood chips are the result.