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African Tulip Tree: Flower of the Day, March 5, 2017:

IMG_1501 (1).jpg

Sighted these blooms on an African Tulip tree across the street from Martin’s Restaurant, where we conduct our weekly writers group. The roof had a piece of plastic tarp hanging down from it that flapped in the wind, obscuring this view.  I had to take a few to finally get this.  My favorite tree.  I had a yellow one in my yard that was blocking my last view of the lake so sadly I had to cut it down.

Fallen Giant: Sunday Trees 276

This large tree had fallen across the road near the shop of a carpenter where I’d gone to to have cut some boards for my art day with friends.   The center section that was over the road had of course been taken away, but the rest of the tree was left where it fell.  Local youth had availed themselves of its surface to use as a canvas for their communications on one side and nature had left its own mark on the other

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Hospitable and Not: Travel Theme, Bark

The bark of this giant tree that had fallen across the road and been cut in two, then left with the chunk covering the road removed, became a host for other plants and fungi to thrive on.

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Just a few blocks away, we found this other bark—this one less welcoming to intruders.


For the Travel themebark!”

Palm Fruiting Stem: Cee’s Flower of the Day, Feb 22, 2017

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The fruiting stems of each variety of palm are different, but they are all as beautiful as flowers to my eye.  They do flower, but are so messy–thousands of the blooms ending up in my pool filter and on my decks.  These are someone else’s problem, however, as I found them on the street in La Manz. I just get to enjoy them.
For Cee’s Flower Challenge