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Sunday Trees, Oct. 14, 2018



Although this is a color photo, the world seems reduced to black and white by this snowstorm I awoke to yesterday. This is the first time I’ve experienced snow in 15 years or so. I had forgotten how hushed the world becomes in snow.  Sheridan, WY, Oct. 13, 2018. Below, a bit of color is returned to the scene.


For Becca’s Sunday Trees prompt.

Bromeliads: Flower of the Day, Sep 23, 2018


Not a flower yet, but can’t resist showing these spidery little bromeliads that have colonized the bark of this tree. They do bloom, but the flowers are tiny and easily overlooked.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Sunday Trees 354, Aug 26, 2018

I loved this big stump I found at the hacienda in Guanajuato. It has so many stories to tell, from the rocks that have been soaked up in its growth to the patches of grass it has sprouted to the prettily arranged string caught up in its cragginess. It is like a mountain for ants, with all sorts of adventures in store for them.


For Becca’s Sunday Trees.

Still Life of Tree with Foot: Sunday Trees, Aug 5, 2018


IMG_3643 2

My friend Gloria Palazzo tends to look down when she walks, either to collect prizes for potential future collages or just out of curiosity.  She was going to crop her image of this “found” tree that is actually a palm fruiting bundle much flattened by cars and feet but still a bit three-dimensional, but I say the foot makes the photo.


For Becca’s Sunday Trees.