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Sunday Trees, June 24, 2018

IMG_1530I love these strange markings on this palm tree in my back yard.  I believe they are caused by the tree trimmers parking their machetes in the tree while they go about their business clearing the severed off palm fronds that have fallen from above as they were up in the tree trimming it. This is not a guess.  I’ve seen them take a mighty swing, chopping the blade into the tree to hang there as they go about their business.

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Perilous Trees! June 17, 2018


Mexico is so baaaad that even the trees are dangerous!!!! I love this sign. There wasn’t even a tree in sight! It was just a general warning about the dangers of trees, I guess. Don’t miss the film clips in the original post. If you are viewing from Reader or Facebook, Click on the title above and look in comments!

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Men in Trees: Sunday Trees June 3, 2018

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For a few weeks last month, it seems like I was always looking up to see a man in one of my trees.  They were like tamed teams of monkeys: trimming my palm trees, cutting back the huamuchile tree in my vacant lot, or men from the electric company trimming my giant royal poinciana from where it had grown around electrical wires.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twisted



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Royal Poinciana: Sunday Trees




I had to pull off the road to snap this beauty.  I’d passed it at least four times in the past week, thinking every time that I had to photograph it.  This time I did so, shooting against the sun with my iPhone 6 as my beloved Canon is recently deceased and much-mourned.  I actually got 4 or 5 views from different angles that I liked, but I think this is my favorite.  The much larger Royal Poinciana Tree at the front of my house hasn’t come into full bloom so far, perhaps because the electric company had to take a machete to it since it was growing too close to the wires. I think the trees at lower elevations than mine are blooming early this year and very abundantly.  I’ve seen several others I want to capture as well.

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Upside Down Tree: Sunday Trees, April 1, 2018

I had to stop and take a photo of this tree that to me looks like an upside down tree—as though someone cut it off another tree and stuck it into the ground upside down.  Seems perfect for April Fool’s Day!