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Sunday Trees, Dec 9, 2018


This magnificent banyan tree was along the entry to a seaside hotel in Acapulco. Unfortunately, there was a lot of junk piled up next to it but here are the best shots I could manage.

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Two’s a Crowd: Flower of the Day, Nov 9, 2018

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I must admit that I like the jungle look. These plants by my guest room patio seem to have picked up my vibes.

Sunday Trees, Nov 4, 2018

You can see larger versions of all of these trees by clicking on the first photo.

Happy anniversary, Becca!  I’ve taken lots of photos of trees in the past few weeks.  Here are a few.

For Becca’s Sunday Trees

Big Spring Junket (Fall Color) FOTD

We took a day trip to the Ozarks today to the most beautiful area with the most generic name ever—the Big Spring area of the Current River!  In spite of the uninspiring names, wanted to share a few of the 300 plus photos I took today.  More to follow… (Relax.  There are only 15 here.)

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Cee’s FOTD Challenge

Sunday Trees, Oct. 14, 2018



Although this is a color photo, the world seems reduced to black and white by this snowstorm I awoke to yesterday. This is the first time I’ve experienced snow in 15 years or so. I had forgotten how hushed the world becomes in snow.  Sheridan, WY, Oct. 13, 2018. Below, a bit of color is returned to the scene.


For Becca’s Sunday Trees prompt.

Bromeliads: Flower of the Day, Sep 23, 2018


Not a flower yet, but can’t resist showing these spidery little bromeliads that have colonized the bark of this tree. They do bloom, but the flowers are tiny and easily overlooked.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.