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Fallen Limb: Sunday Trees 297, July 23, 2017


A combination of wind and rain did this obviously dead limb in after a recent storm. Looks like it might have caused a few electrical outages as well, but luckily not at my house!

For the Sunday Trees prompt.

Sculpting with Bushes

These sculpted bougainvillea bushes run up the center divider at the entrance to the fraccionamiento where I live.  Quite an artistic and sculptural effect. Click on the first photo to see them better.


For Becca’s Sunday Trees.

Paloverde: Sunday Trees, June 29, 2017


My sister sent me this photo of the beautiful paloverde tree that stands near their property in Arizona.  My mother lived for 30 years in Arizona after I left home and she always commented when the paloverde were in bloom.