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Jungle: Sunday Trees, May 28, 2017


My husband used to say that I wasn’t satisfied until people had to fight their way through the jungle to get to our house.  That was long ago and far away, but things haven’t changed much since then.  I love this wild tangle of Washingtonian palms, napa palms and hibiscus.

Sunday Trees, Apr 23, 2017

Version 2

I planted this Royal Poinciana tree sixteen years ago.  It now shades 1/3 of my front garden as well as a good bit of the street.  These seed pods grow to a couple of feet in length.

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Backyard Palm Trees: Sunday Trees 283, Apr 16, 2017


All of the fruiting bundles have been removed from my 7 palm trees by six men who worked for 6 hours to remove them along with the heavy sheaths you can see hanging down like swords and the dry branchess.  A big job. They are beautiful but messy and ultimately dangerous. Two or three times a year they climb these massive trees to remove them.

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