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My blog, which started out to be about overcoming grief, quickly grew into a blog about celebrating life. I post daily: poems, photographs, essays or stories. I've lived in countries all around the globe but have finally come to rest in Mexico, where I've lived since 2001. My books may be found on Amazon in Kindle and print format, my art in local Ajijic galleries. Hope to see you at my blog.

No Reprieve

The prompt today was “reprieve.” Sometimes what seems to be a reprieve doesn’t quite live up to expectations.  Here’s a poem I wrote three years ago that tells the tale of such a time.

No Reprieve

Caught short by the rainy season, I should have known better.
Though I’d left home high and dry, I knew I’d soon be wetter.
Defenseless  in the downpour, I ducked into a store.
Just to get some shelter,  I rushed in through that door.

I felt that I was lucky as this store was full of stuff,
though finding what I needed might be sort of tough.
The store clerk shuffled up to me, though he could barely stand—
an umbrella just as old as him held up in his hand.

Lucky when I chanced upon this ancient wrinkled fella,
he happened to be carrying a really big umbrella!
I opened up my pocket book and located a fiver.
Now I wouldn’t spend this day wet as a scuba diver!

But when I left that thrift store with my practical new find,
I found that I was actually in the same old bind.
For opening up my parasol, I uttered “What the heck?”
As rivulets of water ran down my head and neck.

The purchase I’d just made, I found, would be no help at all.
I hadn’t noticed that the shop was St. Vincent de Paul.
The fault was no one else’s.  I know it was mine, solely.
I should have realized sooner that my purchase would be holy!

(Please note: St. Vincent de Paul is a secondhand store run by the Catholic Church.)

Subtropical Garden

Subtropical Garden

Since I live below the tropic of Cancer, the varieties of plants that not only survive but thrive in my garden are manifold.  Here are a few of the things that you would find in my garden if you came to visit, as well as the reasons why I love living here:

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For Cee’s garden prompt.

Sweet Violets: Flower of the Day, May 25, 2017


One of the songs our dad used to serenade us with was “Sweet Violets.” It was one song I knew all the lyrics to when I was a little girl. Still do. I bet you wish you could hear me singing along as you listen to it here. I’m curious about how many people recognize this song. If you do, please tell me so in the comments section. Did you sing along? I did. Every word.

For Cee’s daily flower prompt.

Morrie at the Beach: Heaven Scent

Morrie at the Beach

Everywhere he wanders,
everywhere he goes
is a place to stick his
curious little nose.


Birds are drifting over,
hundreds at a time;
yet his nose is stuck in
something more sublime.

Aromas are his poetry, 
scents to him are words.
He has no time for looking
at these air-bound birds.

Even when they’re floating
nearby on the sea,
He only has time lately
for odors and for me!

What to many is simply a bad odor can be fascinating to others. I am so curious about what Morrie can detect as he sniffs everything on the beach!!

Sideways glance: For Cee’s View from the Side Challenge

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For Cee’s View from the Side Challenge


Having driven head-on into a concrete wall, I have worse wounds elsewhere, but this 9-inch abrasion on my neck caused by the seat belt is the most painful. Thanks, okcfm for suggesting aloe vera.

Fortunate Misfortune

I’ve  been branded by good fortune, garroted and bruised
by the air bag that inflated and the seat belt that I used.
Why do I say thank-you, in spite of all my pains?
It could have been my spinal cord. It might have been my brains.
My car is not so fortunate. I fear its life has ended.
The impression the wall made on it they say cannot be mended.

Once more I’ve dodged a bullet. Once more I’ve stayed alive.
I’ve used up my sixth cat life in order to survive.
Cuts and bruises all heal up. A car can be replaced,
but I cannot overlook the lesson that I’ve faced.
I want to give up worrying about how life will end.
I have no need to worry. I have three lives left to spend!

Impression is today’s prompt word. It also seems appropriate for the later prompt, survive.