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52 Weeks Photo Challenge, Week 12, Face

These faces all crossed my camera lens within the past month.  Lucky me. Click to enlarge.

Mr. and Mrs. Bones: Eerily Irresistible

There were a few costumes at my friend Audrey’s Halloween party that were like magnets to my camera.  These two kept drawing my eye because every change of expression was magnified by the face paint.  Somehow, these particular paint jobs rendered the wearers an incredible goofy sweetness that I couldn’t stop photographing. They are sort of eerily irresistible.

For other eerily irresistible costumes and faces, look HERE.

via Daily Prompt: Eerie

Little Boy Blue

Since I leave tomorrow to go back to Mexico, I must avail myself of the opportunity to photograph the elastic face of Forgottenman, nee Big Duck, as much as I can.  Here, he first reveals his confusion over how to choose from the varied menu at Perkins, then reflects on whether he made the correct choice, glories smugly over the fact that he believes he has, then fondly remembers meals of his past before just trying to adopt his intellectual pose and failing completely.  At any rate, all poses are adorable, and I do appreciate his role of chauffeur in driving me all over six different states to visit friends and relatives.  No greater love than to do the driving while I catch up on my blogging!

If you’d like to enjoy an even more detailed view of his countenance, click on the first photo to enlarge them all.  Lucky you.


The color prompt for Nancy’s Weekly photo challenge is “Blue” this week.

Finding Pleasure

Pleasure is everywhere.  It’s just up to us to pick it.


Click on first photo below to enlarge your pleasure.


Face Off


Version 5




This always lovely, almost always smiling lady of 96 was caught here in a reflective moment as she sat covered by a shawl to ward off cool lake breezes.  We were on a pontoon boat on Lake Chapala, listening to the children’s choir and orchestra and sipping wine made from local raspberries. Perhaps the music triggered a memory. Certainly, there is a far away look in these eyes.  I love this picture even though it really does not capture her usual bright, positive attitude. I guess the secret of why we are so intrigued by photos is their ability to capture and share with us those fleeting moments otherwise lost.