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Sunset Susurration

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Sunset Susurration

The murmuration of the waves, the breeze’s gentle rush,
the small stain of the setting sun, spread by nature’s brush.
The yellow of her pallet, bold orange and red and pink
complicate the skyline as we watch the sun’s orb sink
like a flame-red new-cast penny set upon the ledge
of that calmer ocean on the horizon’s edge.

See it slip so quickly into the ocean’s slot,
making us forget for now all that we are not.
All of life’s frustrations, all misbegotten schemes,
are flushed into the water to sink into its seams.
This is why we gather to watch the sunset’s beauty.
every single evening—as though it were a duty.

The prompt today was murmuration.

52 Weeks Photo Challenge Week 6-Red

This sunset was viewed as I flew from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia.  I have done no augmentation of the color.  It was spectacular!!!


Not Perpetually in Awe


I will admit that the howling dog in last night’s sunset was awesome, but the pizza wasn’t!!!

Remember back when “awesome” was a word applied to miles of glaciers breaking off in one fell swoop or solar flares or the birth of a child? A few years ago, I had something to say about my feelings over  its present usage, where it is more commonly applied to a good slice of pizza or a friend’s new dress. See my complaints here:


If you want to see what others have to say or to tell us your own thoughts aboug “Awe,” go here:

Laguna Sunset

                                                            Laguna Sunset

This was the sunset two nights ago that greeted us as we were nearing the end of our river birding trip on the laguna and river in the bird sanctuary that runs between La Manzanilla and Boca de Iguana.  The two young men who operated the oars on our boat pointed out hornbills, egrets, herons, cormorants, crocodiles, giant iguanas and a plethora of other birds as we quietly moved through the mangroves.  At one point, we had to lean down flat in the boat to go under an extremely low bridge…but those pictures will follow.  The point of this posting is the incredible sunset which was actually even more virant than these pictures depict.  As we approached the beach again from the laguna, the sky was a vibrant scarlet. These pictures capture part of the ever changing spectacle.

IMG_2388IMG_2410IMG_2418IMG_2423Version 3IMG_2441

Dripping: Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Humid

The most humid place I’ve ever been is Bali, but the Amazon rainforest came in a close second.  Whereas in Bali, our clothing consisted of sarongs and nothing else, fear of mosquitoes and malaria in Peru meant we needed to be fully covered at all times.  This made for sticky times but all that humidity made for gorgeous skies.  Here are some of them:
DSCF1989 DSCF1990 DSCF1720

One Word Photo Challenge: Sun

DSC00806 - Version 2 DSC00810

Why is the sun most beautiful at its beginning and end?
With luck, the same is true of our lives