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Baby Slippers: Flower of the Day, June 25, 2018

Contrary to what you might think, not related to Lady Slippers.  Technically not a flower, but couldn’t resist this shot from my friend Gloria’s low entrance wall along her front sidewalk.




For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Jade Plant birth: Flower of the Day, Dec 17, 2016

Click on first photo to enlarge and see captions.


Nearly Xmas and Cee’s Poinsettia is a must-see

Like a Flower: Flower of the Day, Nov 17 2016


Back when I lived in a place where flowers didn’t bloom year round, I always felt that my succulents were a flower of sorts.  This jade plant blooms like a flower rising above the falling foliage of its pot companion.

Sedum: Flower of the Day, Sept. 9

img_5336This is the fullest and most beautiful sedum I’ve ever seen.  I found it in the garden of the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Nova Scotia.

Hen Minus Chick: Photo a Week–Fill the Frame

Hen Minus Chick

IMG_4100The Latin name of Hen and Chicks is Sempervivum, which means “live forever” because they are so easy to grow and propagate so easily.  One of my favorite succulents.