Gates: JNW’s Halloween Challenge, Oct 24, 2016

Gates:  Open, closed, established or makeshift.  Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish a gate from a door. Hopefully, these all qualify in one way or another. Not very Halloweeny, but nonetheless, they meet the word prompt. Thanks to forgottenman for helping me to find these photos among the 50,000 on my computer.  He’s a genius at photo retrieval.  He should make a business of it! As usual, click on the first photo to enlarge them all.

Baby Sun Rose and Aloe: Flower of the Day, Oct 24, 2016

This is my 2500th blog posting!



For Cee’s gorgeous dahlia, look HERE.


For the “Tiny” challenge, look HERE.

Too small


That Small Feeling That Something’s Wrong

My intuition sounds its gong.
I have an inkling something’s wrong.
I look  around  for what’s amiss,
but cannot tell what signals this.
My arm and neck hairs stir and rise,
as if to warn me of surprise.
This tiny hunch keeps me alert,
but insight is a fickle flirt.
When nothing happens, it goes away
and I live out my normal day.
That tiny niggling little prickle
might lead to nought, for insight’s fickle,
and sometimes things are just so small
that they aren’t there at all.


The prompt word today is “tiny.”

Rock Climbers (Zinnia and Sun Rose): Flower of the Day, Oct. 23, 2016


I love the combination of stone and plants.  So once again I’m following Cee’s lead.  To see her flower/rock combination, go HERE.

Utilitarian Artifice


Utilitarian Artifice

My sugar’s artificial. It’s a fact. So is my creamer.
A year ago, I had a little crackup in my Beemer,
and now I have an artificial ear and foot and femur.

Pretty soon my whole darn life will just be what it seems,
while the authentic “real” of me will be a thing of dreams.
I can’t find where I stored my leg, I left my fur coat somewhere.
I parked my car last week but can’t remember how to come there.

So if it’s really necessary—all this substitution,
I’m asking some inventor  to come up with a solution.
If artificial intelligence is the way it’s going to be,
please implant me with an artificial memory!

The prompt word today was “artificial.”


DOD Decorations: JNWs Halloween Challenge, Oct 22, 2016

Decorations are what the Day of the Dead is about.  Weeks are spent in preparation, and the display is colorful, excessive and heartfelt. These photos are of two of my own altars as well as photos I took in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, as decorations were being prepared and completed.