You open lips and yammer on,
unmindful of your listener’s yawn.
We yearn to hear your final word,
but when we think that it’s been heard—
your topics trite, your point invalid—
you treat us all to more word salad!

Your prosery and versity
display little diversity,
and yet, my dear, both night and day,
you sputter words—a constant spray.
We yearn to hear your lips are sewn,
for we have stories of our own!

Prompt words today are yammer, topic, final, diversity, spray and salad. Image by Enis Yavuz on Unsplash.

Water Water Everywhere

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For Jez’s Prompt

Since I live on a mountain above the biggest lake in Mexico, water is a big part of my life. I have a pool and hot tub, so they are also reflected in the photos above. In the one of Morrie, I actually have a sequence that captured a drop of water dropping from his mouth back into the pool. You can see it in the photo. Several of the photos include we actually have four manifestations of water: pool, lake, rain and the drops from Morrie’s mouth!!!!

Waiting, Waits and Wait!!!

Wait! with an exclamation point is very different from waiting in general.  There is a bit of both in these photos.

Then, there is always Tom Waits. My favorite. Here’s a sample of him as well:

For Travel With Intent prompt: Wait

Avant Garde

Avant Garde

I fear that this designer puts good taste to the test.
I’m flabbergasted at his color scheme and all the rest.
He is my boss, so if you will, kindly do not quote me.
The last thing that I need is for the fool to demote me.

In spite of any influence that I might have exerted,
It seems that in the end, the plans have all reverted
to the plans he started out with, so the building has been skirted
in lattice and in felt. Alas, it has been yurted!!!!

Prompts today are: rest, flabbergasted, designer, poise, quote and inserted.


Ruins: The Sunday Whirl Wordle 581


The walls of my world are numb to touch.
Split with longing, they stand alone,
the only light inside, my own.

That burning flame that lit my youth
reduced to ashes, has left a gap
to which this poem is a map.

For The Sunday Whirl Wordle 581 prompt words are: walls world numb touch spilt longing own burning flame gap light ashes. Image of burned house by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash.

Camp Out

Camp Out

Gathered around a campfire before a tiny hut,
they try to find a pathway out of their parents’ rut.
Like each new generation, they must grow out of their roots,
stubbornly insisting they won’t fill their parents’ boots.

They flounder in their greetings. Are you he or she or they?
So many other choices than straight or bi or gay.
Their paltry experience seems to them uncouth,
so they are determined to spice up unseasoned youth.

They embark on new adventures, treading warily at first,
grasping opportunities to quench their every thirst.
They pass around the bottle, then share the smoking pipe,
place proffered pills on questing tongues, imaginations ripe

for each new experience, finding every mode
of travel that might lead them all to the mother lode.
Every generation finding their own route
to strike out on their own to see what life’s about. 

Prompts today are roots, flounder, greetings, youth, hut and paltry. Image by Jason Leung on Unsplash.