All those natural places that soothe us with their peace,
their beauty and their silence offer us release
until some pugnacious tourist rips the scene apart,
instilling angst and turmoil where formerly was heart.


Word prompts for the day are pugnacious, tourist, natural and peace.

Last Photo for November, 2020

Bushboy asked us to publish the last photo we took in November. Here’s mine: 

I never eat the pomegranates on this tree but this one actually looks edible. I’d rather feast my eyes on it, however, as it is placed so nicely in view over my wall!

For Bushboy’s Prompt: Last Photo for November.

Day 1 of The Virgin of Guadalupe Festival



The cohetes (bottle rockets) are going off in rapid succession–one every few seconds—and my headache is accelerating at the same rate. As soon as I had  typed this, however, the bells started tolling, and in the minutes since they have stopped,  there hasn’t been a rocket going off.

Oops. Spoke too soon. It was just a brief intermission. Viva Mexico. Viva la Virgin!  There are 12 more days of her celebration.

Thunbergia, FOTD Dec. 1, 2020

This little Thunbergia vine is not growing out of the pot but rather into it from below. It has wandered all over my front and back gardens, then dies back and has to be untangled from the rest of the plants. It is fun to see where it is going to wander off to next. It somehow got from the front yard to the back without my help and with no clear pathway, as the house is in-between and paved with a stone terrace all the way around it.. One of nature’s grand mysteries. This fast-growing little plant is also called clockvine or black-eyed-susan.

Luxuriating in Being Left

Luxuriating in Being Left

In retrospect the loss of you has turned into a gain.
I’m rejoicing in the comfort of not having to explain.
I can do just what I want to, every day and every hour.
I am a snool to no one. I do not cringe or cower.
I sleep in in the morning with no breakfast to prepare.
I can dress the way I want to, choose the length of my own hair.
When I go to bed at night, I spread out in the middle.
I’m cool as any cucumber, not bacon on a griddle.
I wish your new love well with you, but I’m fine as I am,
for it’s the truth that when you left, I didn’t give a damn!


Prompt words today are nacre, comfort, rejoice and explain. Snool is an additional word I may or may not use.  The definition of snool is: a cringing person, to cringe or cower, or the opposite: to reduce to submission, cow or bully. There is one extra word today because I also used yesterday’s word from on prompt site because it was published too late to be used yesterday.

State of the Studio

The first photo below shows why I have been spending so much time in the studio lately—best view in the house. Well, that and the fact that I’m campused with the rest of the world. The other photos show the general state of the environment within, including a bit of the work nearing completion. I’m having glass-fronted boxes made for all of the new retablos. It’s just too easy for kids (or grown kids) to pick things off when they are unprotected and unsupervised during shows.

Click on photos to enlarge.



The Course


The Course 

All life falls
to the
forest floor,
or to
weighted down
by stones
rolled by the current,
daily farther

Thus is life
from one form 
to another,
feeding the earth
or worms
or trees
or insects,
burrowing through
the richness
of decay.

no matter
how we fight it.
Botox and fine needles
cannot stop it,
only cushion
its footsteps.

As we are
like all life,
around the course
we can
           off of
but never

Prompt words for the day are flush, putrid, crucial.