Bubble Dos


Click on photo to enlarge and see bigger hair.

Two days ago I published a blog entitled “Big Hair and Histamines.” At the time I could find no other photos other than my own of REALLY big hair, but Colleen Eastman generously sent me this college 1967 composite. I’m in the second row down, second from the left. My hair wasn’t quite as big then, but you can see that I had company at least. If you want to read the poem and see me with even bigger hair, go HERE.

And if you want to show me your big hair, please show it on your blog and send me a link to the comments on this blog or send me the photo and I’ll add it. 


Banana Tree: Sunday Trees


Here is my first crop on my banana tree planted a couple of years ago!

For Sunday Trees 421


A Little Night Music

maeghan-smulders-pIY5yM0bmMQ-unsplashPhoto by Maeghan Smulders on Unsplash. Used with permission

A Little Night Music

It may seem eccentric to sing in your sleep,
but when I’m in slumber so sound and so deep,
sometimes my voice just wants to get out
in some type of utterance—whisper or shout.
And then if I must, would it be such a pity
to let out my voice in a full-throated ditty?
Folks walk in their sleep, so why can’t they sing?
Why would you consider it such a strange thing?
Dreams can’t be censored, directed or herded.
There are times when  a melody must be asserted.
So if you should hear my somnambulant song,
please stifle complaints and just hum along!!

Prompt words today are sleep, rare, eccentric and sing.