Black Cloud


Black Cloud

She felt she was a target for adversity
and rued the problems of her life in their immensity. 

Each day was a new puzzle produced for her to solve,

as though she had to face it in order to evolve.

Her very productivity was challenged day by day—

always a new dragon to face and then to slay.

Year after year she dealt with trouble after trouble,

each day another needle meant to burst her bubble,

until her forced retirement brought relief at last.

No more new dilemmas coming at her fast.

When life that had been speeding by shifted down in gears,
still that feeling of relief she’d waited for for years

always seemed around the bend. Her spirits never soared,
for when her life turned trouble-free, she ended up just bored.


Prompt words today are puzzle, productive, target and adversity.

Saint Donald


image from Twitter

Saint Donald

They’re pious and as pure as snow viewed from any angle.
They do not cuss or drink or swear. They have no sins to wrangle.
Untempted by debauchery, they have no ills to speak of.
It’s a sanctimonious ardor that they reek of.
The patron saint they’ve mounted atop an oil pump
waiting to be canonized, of course, is Donald Trump!


The prompts today are angle and pious.

Falling Star



photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash. 

Falling Star

We saw her in the movies. Her name was in the news.
This pulchritudinous starlet was hogging all the views
on youtube and on other social media sites—
the drinking and missed call times, the drugs and barroom fights.
Until America’s darling became a laughing stock—
a harried aging party girl for tabloids to mock.
Another crumbling idol turned to dust by fame.
Another aging loser of the movie game.

Today’s Word Prompts: news, pulchritudinous.