Stand Up For Verity

Stand Up for Verity

A fabulist can take the truth and spin it, change it, plan it,
but then it is no longer truth, for truth is carved in granite.
The real truth is indelible. Permanent. Etched in stone.
Don’t mess with it and call it truth. You must leave truth alone.
It can’t accommodate a stretch. It’s fierce in resolution.
It’s not right to bend it simply to find a solution.

Truth is truth and fabrication is another matter,
so do not conjure up a tale and claim it’s not the latter.
Though presidents and kings and poets scratching in their dormer
might for their single purposes stray away from the former,
there must be someone willing to call out their acts as ruthless,
for there’s no folly greater than to be led by the truthless.


The prompt words today are fabulist, fierce, accommodate and granite. Here are links:

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I love this little short short by Kristian so wanted to share it.

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FOWC with Fandango — Challenge

“I think it’s totally deplorable an attractive pink flush rose in her cheeks as she raised her voice “I only see you once a weekand yet where do you decide to take me? Your Mother’s house!”

He hemmed and hawed trying to defend himself in the face of this surprising onslaught. He couldn’t really say anything, she was absolutely right so he opened his mouth to say so, but she interrupted him.

“No, don’t try to dissemble, I’ve had quite enough of your excuses” she stamped her foot this time, to emphasise her words. “Just what are you going to do about it?”

This time she gave him room to speak.

“Ok, you’re right. I admit that taking you to my Mother’s is a pretty lousy thing to do on our one day a week together but I couldn’t think…

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