Bentley, Bearcat and Patti arrived at my house in the belly of their mother when I lived in Boulder Creek, CA in 1987.

Of the three kittens and mother cat who joined me shortly after I moved to our all-redwood house in the redwoods of California in 1987, only Bearcat was still alive when I moved to Mexico in 2001. Sadly, he drowned in my pool a few months later.  I was devastated.  This was his epitaph, written as a string of kennings for a NaPoWriMo prompt in 2014.


back lofter
tail wafter
gray bearer
drape tearer
ball loser

lap chooser
bunny slayer
shoelace player
sofa climber
sleep mimer
shadow springer
dragonfly bringer
lizard de-tailer
spider nailer
basement searcher
window ledge percher
tree dweller
mouse smeller
dog chaser
bug caser
door crack peeper
sunbeam sleeper
woods walker
squirrel stalker
rail balancer
prey glancer
shadow catcher
love hatcher
body spinner
heart winner



for dVerse poet’s word-play prompt: Kenning
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Fake News

Fake News

Soon enough real journalism
will become anachronism.
Cretins overly ambitious
will decide that it’s propitious
to forever go online
quoting “truths” most asinine,
overlooking elemental
wisdom that is fundamental,
adding to the whole tableau
with things they “think” but do not “know,”
and God have mercy on the masses
who vote to reelect these asses.

Prompt words today are anachronism, fundamental, propitious, asinine, mercy and tableau. Image by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.

Echeveria Plant

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Per your request, here are images of the entire Echeveria plant with the bloom spike. Actually, there are two blooming echeverias shown. One is 6 inches across, the other 7 inches. To see a closeup of the bloom, go HERE.

Poetic Quandaries

Poetic Quandaries

Prompts can be unpredictable. Of that you can be sure—
if not impossible to use, then probably obscure.
It’s hard not to exaggerate when words are such a stretch.
Hard not to bitch about them. Hard not to whine and kvetch.

We march in lock step in these blogs, so penitent we’re not.
It is the prompters who weave tangled nets in which we’re caught. 
It’s hard for us to devise plans that make use of each word
and add alliteration? Folks it is absurd!!!!

Frost never had such rules to follow–and such provocations.
No such tribulations and no such vacillations.
No trying to put up with a prompt that was absurd,
but on the other hand, he had to think up every word.

Prompts are unpredictable (You can say that again–ha!!!), plan, penitent, march, exaggerate and alliteration.

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Postcard from an Old Work Buddy for dVerse Poets

Postcard from an Old Work Buddy

Shifted my focus,
turned 45 degrees to the right,
began walking.

Ended up near the equator,
removed my shoes,
wiggled free toes in the sand.

Plucked new fruit from an unnamed tree.
Suffered no ill-effects. 
New life, suits me fine. Wish you were here.?


For dVerse poets Quadrille Prompt: Shift
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full moon morning, jdbphoto 2017

4 A.M.

It is too early to be stirring, the world is still asleep.
The sound is all still slumbering, the darkness is too deep.
No dayness stirs the nightness. No touch is reaching out.
No stirring and no blowing. Not a whisper. Not a shout.
When I wake before the world does, it seems the end of things
instead of the beginning, when the whole world sings.
Sun rises and the birds demand. The dogs whine for their feed.
All the world around me awakens to its need.
But for now, they are all sleeping. It is a lifeless world.
Its eyes and ears and mouth closed, around me densely curled.

Shhhhhh. This is quiet alliteration–not so much that it calls attention to itself…

For MVB’s Prompt: Alliteration.

Father at the Fridge

Father at the Fridge

Even though our fridge is huge since we chose to embiggen it,
everything worth munching or gulping down or swiggin’ it
seems to always be in back or buried in a pile
at the bottom of a stack of foods that we revile.

Of course all of us realize it isn’t too judicious
to hide in back the very foods that we find most delicious.
We’re in receipt of evidence yet judgement’s been suspended
about the guilty family member who’s been apprehended

burying the good food, for though there is no doubt
of who hid all the cookies behind the sauerkraut,
while we’ve been eating lettuce, the guy who has been “pie”ing it
is the selfsame person who, alas, is the one buying it.

Prompt words today are embiggen, receipt, suspended, judicious, refrigerator and doubt.