Private Lives


Private Lives

Private lives and private dreams
fill our world and burst its seams.
Many wants and many wishes
like an ocean full of fishes
For one to live, one more must go
to maintain the status quo.
Each fish feeding on another:
mother, sister, uncle, brother
all competing  for their lives
One fails while another thrives.
Thus it goes with private lives.

The prompt today was “privacy.”

Southern Exposure

dsc07117Southern Exposure

Although my north end’s fully cloaked,
when rain clouds come,  my south gets soaked.
I guess the fault is really mine.
The raincoat that I bought, size nine,
that I insisted would fit fine,
combined with excess when I dine
means that though it swathes my seat,
the buttons in the front don’t meet
the holes they’re meant to go into
no matter what my fingers do.
That’s why my front side’s sorta soggy
when the weather ends up foggy.
If you approach me from the back,
I swear, you won’t see any lack.
You’ll only see my dripping clothes
If we meet up nose-to-nose
I just can’t get myself together
to protect myself in stormy weather.

The prompt word today is “exposure.”


Yacht Attack

In the past few days, two mega-yachts have moored in Tenacatita Bay.  One seems to be Barry Diller’s 150-million-dollar three-masted yacht–one of the largest sailing yachts in the world. The other one is so large we thought it was a cruise ship. Local curious minds have researched and say it is David Geffen’s 300-million-dollar yacht.  Diller, married to Diane von Fürstenberg, is the founder of Fox TV Network and owns Match.Com, Home Shopping Network, and David Geffen co-created Asylum Records in 1970, Geffen Records in 1980, DGC Records in 1990, and DreamWorks SKG in 1994. There is a bit of controversy among locals, however, some of whom insist the second larger yacht is Carlos Slim’s. Below are my less than perfect shots of both yachts, taken from far away across the bay without benefit of tripod.

Click on first photo to enlarge all.

Barry Diller’s wikipedia profile
David Geffen’s wikipedia profile
The wikipedia entry for the yacht Rising Sun
The wikipedia entry for the yacht Eos

The prompt today was “exposure.”  What could expose one more than pulling into a small moorage in a 300 million dollar yacht?  Or even a mere 150 million dollar yacht?

Overworked or Labor Shirked?



Overworked or Labor Shirked?

It’s hard for me to find the middle
between hard labor and the fiddle.
Work? I either overdo it
or endeavor to eschew it.
Work all day and then all night,
being very erudite—
putting words down on the page,
imprisoned in my muse’s cage.

Perhaps I fear my distant past
when good work habits didn’t last
and days were spent in dreaming or
novels read behind closed door—
midnight radio a chance
for fantasies to spin romance.
Whole days stretched as though to catch
an errant dream of true love’s match.

I feared such days were sloth, and yet
perhaps they were just roads to get
to the place where I would tell
the stories that I knew so well
because I’d lived them first in dreams
or days just bursting at the seams
with doing nothing but living life—
its pleasures, problems, romance, strife.

First the doing at my leisure,
then the writing, and the seizure
of all the details of the past
that, once down on paper, are made to last.
Overworked or over-lived,
life first collected, then finely sieved.
Panned like gold to find the treasure—
leisure and work in even measure.

Overworked” is the prompt word today.