Monthly Archives: June 2016

Clouds: No Step? No Problem!!

Thanks for the one word prompt “Clouds” today, WordPress!  Guess who got a window seat on her flight between Guadalajara and Phoenix yesterday and took 206 photos of clouds? The ride, especially the landing, was bumpy but well worth it!


My Life with Cats

I was walking by my friend Isidro’s studio/gallery one day when I saw these little paws sticking out from under his door.  Very shortly thereafter, this little boy came by and the rest of the story took place.  So touching.  He knew right where to stick his finger in the kitty’s underside of his paw to bring obvious pleasure to his friend.  Had to add a shot of my kitty Annie as well..waiting on the wall to be fed.  I think more photos will follow, but I have to catch a plane now..See you later.

Timely Tourism

How handy that the prompt for today is “tourist” just as I am starting out on three weeks of travel.  Do you think WordPress has spies? Here is what I see as I spin around on my stool at Johnny Rocket’s (Juan Pablo Hamburgers here) in the Guadalajara airport, right by my departure gate, where I’ve just tried to choke down 130 pesos worth of undercooked fries. (Two nights ago I spent 150 pesos for a gourmet meal and margarita at Viva Mexico in San Juan Cosala.)

So, after two weeks of exhausting preparations to get ready, here I am ready for a few weeks of leisure. Every year it takes me longer to get ready to leave, either because my life gets more complicated or because I get slower. My internet was out again today, so I’m availing myself of airport wifi to post this.  More to come if I can find wifi in any of the U.S. airports.  Denver bound!

Yellow Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, June 29, 2016

Today when I went out to the front garden, the hibiscus bush had so many blooms, each at a different stage of development, that it looked like a staged demonstration for a class in plant development.  The blooms at every stage were so uniquely beautiful, that I took a few dozen shots, almot all of which turned out.  Since I’m going to be traveling over the next few days and I’m not sure how many flowers I’ll see, I’ve decided to show you one or two of the blooms a day for the next few days.  They won’t be in any particular order––just what catches my eye each day as I dip into my cache of beauties.

Strange Bedfellows: Garlic Blossoms and Aloe. Flower of the Day, June 28, 2016


Here is another unlikely bouquet.  This time it is aloe and garlic blossoms.  My semi-wild garden creates some strange bedfellows.

Pool Party

Okay… It is finally happening, and the gang has collected to supervise. Our newly refurbished pool is finally ready for water and the water we put in has finally decided to stay put.  Hot water is coming in from the street, cooler water from a hose connected to the cistern and more hot water piped in from the hot tub. I’m excited because I haven’t been able to use the pool for over two weeks.  The kids are excited because finally their really big water bowl is going to be full enough for them to reach the water to quaff their thirsts! I keep telling them they have to be patient. I’ve done all the work of turning on pumps and hooking up hoses. Now all there is to do is to watch.

Can you match the photo above with the dialogue below?

“Pacing won’t help boys, but hey, if it relieves the tension, be my guest.”
“I remember when I could walk to the other side!”
“So are you ever going to fill our little dish again too, ma?”
“You keep an eye on that one and I’ll supervise this one.”
“Then we can switch.”
“What I can’t figure out is how is the water getting from this one to that one?”
“Oh the water is wiiiiiiiiidddde, I cannot get o’er.”
” Morrie, are you supervising, having a drink or just admiring your new look?”