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Poinsettia Buds, FOTD Nov 30, 2018

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What appears to be the flower on a poinsettia is actually colorful leaves. The true flower is just starting to bud out as these tiny yellow lips. Much misinformation has been spread regarding the toxicity of poinsettias.  To set the matter straight:

“As many have pointed out, it is a myth that poinsettia plants are deadly poisonous if a child or pet eats the leaves (but that does not mean that the leaves should intentionally be eaten, either, since, if eaten in sufficient quantity, they can, in fact, make a human or pet at least mildly sick). But because this fact is so widely known now, people have let down their guard and allowed a new myth to take hold, as a reaction: namely, the myth that no health issues whatsoever surround the annual displaying of poinsettia plants. Only two words need be uttered to dispel the new myth: latex allergy.

The fact is, this Christmas icon can make some people quite sick. The harm, in these cases, comes not from eating the leaves, but rather from touching the plant or even simply from being around Euphorbia pulcherrima.

The milky sap (the “latex,” if you will) that oozes from the branches can result in contact
dermatitis in some people. So unless you like to itch, avoid the sap, in case you are one of those prone to develop this rash. At the very least, be sure not to touch your eyes after touching the sap. The illnesses that some people suffer just from being around poinsettia plants (without even touching them) are worse yet (for example, difficulty in breathing). In extreme cases, anaphylaxis can result.”

Some readers with latex allergy have shared their personal stories about health problems stemming from contact with these colorful plants. You might be surprised to learn just how many people get sick due to exposure to poinsettias.” (from 5 Facts About Poinsettias That May Surprise You” by David Beaulieu.


For Cee’s FOTD.

New Boss

New Boss

Lately, the ladies room at work echoes with gripes and sobs
and we’re checking out the classifieds for new potential jobs.
Our boss’s son is our new boss and though he has his genes,
he doesn’t seem to have his heart. He treats us like machines.
And even though his resume may brand him as auspicious,
our office staff is feeling rather doleful and suspicious.
It’s his frosty cold demeanor that has us feeling lost.
If only he’d thaw out, we’d be more willing to be bossed!


The prompts today are frost, classified, doleful and suspicious. Here are the links:

Missouri Cotton Fields


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Want to see how they load these colossal bales onto trucks to haul them away?  Go HERE.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Field



How did you find your way into my dreams,
ripping my comfort apart at the seams?
Once I’d escaped to back rooms of my self,
still I found thoughts of you stacked on a shelf
carefully obscured both in front and above
by other less dangerous memories of love.

You walked nonchalantly into the room
that I had just cleared with a cloth and a broom
of other dangers and sadnesses, not
knowing that once again I had been caught.
Now I hide out behind walls at the back
where all of my worst fears reside in a stack.

Cowering here as you stride through the place
that your very presence has turned dark and base.
How could I have loved such a frightening soul?
The box of my heart turned into a bowl
with all of my secrets and weakness revealed—
things that I now know I should have kept sealed.

There you sit quietly, perched on a chair,
one hand on the desk top, one hand on your hair,
writing cruel words—I know about me.
I ease my way over, hoping to see,
but the paper is empty, your ink has turned clear
making impossible all that I fear.

As now I remember that I let you in,
forgetting all else in the charm of your grin.
The joy of your hand as it guided me sure
across the dance floor—all that allure
that kept me involved in the surface of you
avoiding the dangers that later I’d rue.

So even now, so far from your threat,
I find myself struggling, caught in your net.

This is a rewrite of an earlier poem For dVerse Poets Open Link Night



Things with Wings

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A Photo a Week: Things with Wings.

Poinsettia, Flower of the Day, Nov 29, 2018



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This poinsettia plant burst into full bloom while I was in the states.  It’s right next to my bedroom door and has dozens of blooms, so you will probably see a bit more of it in the weeks leading up to Christmas. I love this salmon color. I’ll show some closeups of the buds tomorrow.

For Cee’s FOTD