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Compose Yourself Photo Challenge Week 10

Using 2/3 of your screen

IMG_0948 (1)IMG_8516 (1)IMG_8504Version 2

Follow the Lines: Cee’s Compose Yourself Challenge: Leading Lines

Follow the Lines
(Click to enlarge pictures)

IMG_0105 Version 4You need to CLICK to expand this one. Although this looks like a panoramic shot, it is actually a cropped version of the photo below. I think the  horizontal imagery of the photo (in which every element is horizontal) is brought out with more effectiveness in the cropped version, perhaps because the canvas itself is more extremely horizontal. Unlike leading lines that demonstrate perspective by leading the eye back into the photo, these lines draw my eyes back and forth, so I wonder if they qualify as leading lines or if perspective is a requirement.

IMG_0174 (1)(This is the original of my cropped version favorite above it)

IMG_0563 (1)I almost didn’t use this photo because of all the contrasting round and curved shapes, yet I feel in spite of them the horizontals of the music draw the eyes back, especially because of the narrowing perspective.  I’m interested in what Cee has to say about this.

DSC00627 - Version 2I love this scene and took it from about 5 different perspectives and focal lengths, including a shot that reveals shoreline for miles up the beach.  There is something about the simplicity of the wave line in this shot echoed by the ripples on the sand that made me like it the best.  Showing this line extending for miles seemed like overkill.

DSC01483Searching for leading lines in my current library of photos on my computer made me realize that I really do concentrate on curves and more rounded shapes.  What lines I found were almost always of roads or beaches, so it was fun to include these raindrops on the windshield of a speeding car.  They seem to fulfill the assignment to me, but still I’m interested in what Cee has to say about them.

Now, on to the additional assignment of including curves.  I think these photos fill the bill:

Version 2IMG_0261