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222 and Going with the Flow

222 and Going with the Flow

For the past few months, the number 222 keeps repeatedly showing up in my life. Yesterday it was my ending number of views. Today, I just looked at stats at the exact time that it hit 222 views, and strangely enough, this has happened at least 3 other times this week, purely by accident. I was never aware that I was close to this number when I looked. Finally, for the fun of it, I did some research on the number 222 and here are quotes from several different numerology sites: 

222 represents faith and trust. 222 signifies that one’s life is in a favorable state for finding balance. … The number 222 is a sign to have faith in how life is unfolding. Something positively significant could happen if there is trust in the self, the inner desires, and one’s life purpose.

The occurrence of 222 represents the need to bring people together in relationships of great impact (whether they be existing relationships or ones just starting to grow), especially our relationships with family members.

However, this number could arouse nervous energy since many choose to ignore their capacity for doing greater things.

The number 222 is a sign to have faith in how life is unfolding. Something positively significant could happen if there is trust in the self, the inner desires, and one’s life purpose. Continuing down a successful path may require a little extra effort.

Having an effect on mankind is a goal of 222, and there is a strong desire for everything to be perfect.

Groups of repeating numbers have been called cosmic signals, ways of informing someone that an area of life needs attention whether it be to fill in something that is missing or reduce the frequency of something all too prevalent. (This is especially true of 222 since 2 is all about balance.)

At various times over the past few years, I’ve written blogs about the role of synchronicity in my life and even shared a video where I spoke on this subject 9 years ago.

I first became aware of the impact of intuition when a dream caused me to quit my job, sell my house, put all my worldly goods into storage and to take off to write and to see what the rest of my life would hold when I let loose of rationality and let intuition be my guide. (You can read my account of this life-changing decision as I wrote of it in Chicken Soup for the Soul.) Since that time, it has led me into some amazing adventures and much variety. I can’t help but think that life is once again nudging me and I’m trying to let loose and go with the flow again. We’ll see what happens.

“My Paint Brush Bites and Kicks!”

Another great film sent to me by my friend Gloria.  

Here is Gloria. She’s been hanging around on the beach with me for the past month but goes home in two days.


And here is the uplifting, quirky, wonderful film she sent me. lf you need a lift to your day, have a look:

Hurricanes and Volcanos: Videos of a Subtropical Garden


The combined effect of living above an inland lake surrounded by mountains and being 40 miles from Colima Volcano—one of the most active volcanoes in North America—makes for interesting weather during hurricane season. No wind, but our usually sunny mornings turn overcast and misty.  The air is a bit cooler than usual, and when the volcanically-heated mineral springs empty into my pool and hot tub, it makes for some very atmospheric scenes.  Pasiano was in the process of clipping and cleaning up, getting ready for the lush growth of the rainy season.  Morrie, as usual, made his mark on the occasion. Who could have staged that?  Who would want to?  Hope you enjoy these scenes of my terrace, pool and garden.


Cee’s “Anything that Flies” Addendum

Tried to get this posted with my earlier submission for this prompt, but it took too long to load and I had to leave as my friend came by to pick me up for a trip to Guadalajara. I’ll try again as this is an amazing shot of a feeding frenzy of birds in La Manzanilla, taken last year. Here goes for another try:

Here is my original posting for the “Anything that Flies” prompt:

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