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A Walk through a Winter Solstice Garden: Flower of the Day, Dec 21, 2017

Went for a short walk through my back yard today.  This is what I saw: (On Facebook, click on URL to see all flowers. Click on first photo to enlarge all.)


 For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

Hurricanes and Volcanos: Videos of a Subtropical Garden


The combined effect of living above an inland lake surrounded by mountains and being 40 miles from Colima Volcano—one of the most active volcanoes in North America—makes for interesting weather during hurricane season. No wind, but our usually sunny mornings turn overcast and misty.  The air is a bit cooler than usual, and when the volcanically-heated mineral springs empty into my pool and hot tub, it makes for some very atmospheric scenes.  Pasiano was in the process of clipping and cleaning up, getting ready for the lush growth of the rainy season.  Morrie, as usual, made his mark on the occasion. Who could have staged that?  Who would want to?  Hope you enjoy these scenes of my terrace, pool and garden.


Gardener, Know Thy Garden. Gatherer, Know Thy Garnishings.

image and film from internet

Gardener, Know Thy Garden. Gatherer, Know Thy Garnishings

That bloom upon your table, trees in your “empty” lot

might feature in a bloody murder mystery’s plot.
Its fruit looks so inviting. Its seeds you gather with care,
just as an adornment, but there’s more than beauty there.

One drop can bring your ending. One fruit can cause great pain.

One time unknowingly eaten, you’ll never taste again.
Be careful what you gather and use care in your adorning.
What’s beautiful and delicious can kill without a warning!


(I’m adding this to Cee’s daily flower posting as I think it is important for us all to know that what is pleasing to the eye and palate is not always as innocent as it appears to be.)

Below  are all photos of deadly plants and seeds that I’ve taken that are in my own garden, my jewelry box, or the gardens of friends.  Who knew? I could go on with photos of lantana, lilies, oleander, but I’ve just been informed my startup disk is full again, so I’ll leave it to you to get to know your own garden. I’ve gotten rid of all the lantana because for some reason my dogs love eating it.  Also my lilies, as some varieties can kill a cat who brushes up against them and then licks its coat.



Datura from beside my friend Harriet’s door. jdbphoto

IMG_5368 (1)

My “empty” lot next door is filled with these deadly tree-sized castor bean plants.  jdbphoto 

IMG_5369Castor beans going to seed jdbphoto

IMG_5371 (1)Castor bean flowers jdbphoto

IMG_2970 (1).jpg

I’ve seen young girls in Bali drilling these seeds to string as jewelry.  One slip of the drill could bring about their end.  These earrings were purchased in Mexico.  I’ve purchased others in Peru.  Widely used for ornamentation, they are deadly poison. jdbphoto

Flower of the Day, Oct. 31, 2016


When I went down to walk around Audrey’s garden during the party, I spied this spectacular large bloom  Looks like she has a good crop of bananas this year! I know she had bananas in July as well, so there must be more than one crop a year.

Mexican Mix: Flower of the Day, June 15, 2016



Plumeria, tabachine and calla lilies are the main stars of the front of the lower garden. The path leads to my art studio.


Next to the studio, bougainvillea and tabachine compete for attention.

kStan(ly)’s fantasy garden and blog

Just have to share kStan(ly)’s garden with you.  It’s zany and fun and recycling a lot of stuff that otherwise might go into a landfill or out into the ocean!!! The rest of her blog is pretty cool, too.  Hit the below URL to be transported into her world:

Easter at Audrey’s

Audrey’s Easter bash included confetti Easter eggs (to be broken over the head of whomever was closest when you found it) hidden in her lush garden in addition to a personal egg for each attendee with his/her name written on it and five special eggs that earned prizes, music, a ham and scalloped potato buffet, birthday cake and plenty of wine in addition to  surprise Mariachis who serenaded us for 15 minutes before we started questioning each other regarding who had arranged for them and determined that no one had and that they were at the wrong party.  (In fact, when I call the number they gave for the “right” party it turns out it had been cancelled and that they just hadn’t received the message.)  No problem. We passed the hat and they were happy, as were we.  The birthday girl was as ecstatic over their rendition of the Mexican birthday song, “Las Mananitas” as she was over the birthday cake. All in all, a great party, great company, great music.  There are lots of pictures below, so please click on the first one and it will enlarge them all.  Click each arrow at the right of the screen to proceed through the photos.  To return to this page, click on the X on the upper left of the screen.

(Click on photos to enlarge.)