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Vibrant Colors: CFFC

Mexico IS vibrant color.  I had to restrain myself….Here are a few shots.  I could have done thousands.

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Seeing Red: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

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Weaned Off Green: Color Your World, March 4, 2018


Weaned off Green


Green with envy, soylent green.
Green’s a color I find mean.
When mold takes over a machine,
you can bet that it is green.
Green clogs up locks and fouls my nose.
Leaves a nostril when it blows.
Green is such a rank beginner
that it cannot be a winner.
Green is nasty. Green takes hold.
The color of algae and mold.
It invades when you’re not looking.
Raids the fridge to ruin your cooking.
With other colors you can be friends,
from the beginning, or make amends.
But green is stubborn, nasty, greedy.
If green had eyes, they would be beady.
So if you’re looking for a hue
that will be good friends with you.
Pick yellow or aquamarine.
But I’d advise you don’t pick green!


Thanks to Lynda Early for the prompt of “green” given to me in our writer’s group for our 20 minute writing.  I seem to no longer be able to write without a prompt. 


For Jennifer’s Color Your World Challenge, Mar 4, 2018

Green Green

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Oops, I missed a few.  For more green, go HERE.

Color Your World Robin Egg Blue.

Robin Easter Eggs

Robin Easter Eggs (Can’t get more robin egg blue than this!)

And, a few weeks later:

pacific_blue_1395389 Color Your World Robin Egg Blue

Thanks to okcforgottenman for allowing me to use the photograph of the nest and eggs he sent me on Easter day four years ago as well as the subsequent photos of the chicks and empty nest.. I had never seen robin eggs before and had imagined them to be more of a sky blue, but this turquoise color is gorgeous.

Color Your World Pink Sherbet

Olives on the Half Shell–Color Your World Olive Green 2016/3/04

After being totally ubiquitous in the seventies, it seems as though olive has totally disappeared in this world… at least in mine.  I had to resort to a photo shoot on the beach…Ha.


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Sunday Stills Challenge: White


One Word Photo Challenge: Copper


The copper vases were all hand raised in Santa Clara del Cobra, near Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico.  I couldn’t find my pictures of artisans at work, unfortunately, but perhaps some day they will magically appear.  The woman is a Tarahumara woman from Copper Canyon, where I didn’t see any copper for sale, but the women make incredible pine needle baskets.  The murals are from the ceiling of a church at the bottom of the Canyon.  Seems like Copper Canyon pictures qualified.  I could have taken the Pepsi bottle out of the picture, but it is more authentic with it.  Pepsi actually made it to Mexico (at least my part of Mexico) before Coca Cola did.  I have a story about that.  Perhaps one day… The bracelets are from Santa Clara del Cobra and Africa.

For more Copper photos, go here:

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colorful Monotones

The Prompt: 90 percent of each photo must be in one color.022 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P4020373 P4020376 DSCF1667 DSCF1367