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Large Subjects: Cee’s Black & White Challenge

                                                    LARGE SUBJECTSDSC09973 (1)Version 3What similarities do you find in these two pictures?  As much of a contrast as they depict, they do have at least three things in common.  What are they? Can you see the tree in the bottom picture that looks like it is wearing a shoe?  Strange. (That is not one of the similarities!)

Country Girl Gawking at the TALL Buildings!

Country Girl Gawking at the TALL Buildings!

The prompt is “Buildings over four stories high,” but there were no buildings that tall in my home town.  The courthouse was comprised of three dizzying stories and that’s about as “high” as I got while I was growing up!

There was, however, one towering structure in my town:


And of course, there were other skyscrapers as well:

IMG_0348But, when I returned a month ago, I noticed competition for tallest edifice:

IMG_0048It is a new structure that stores water piped in  from the Missouri River 60 miles away.
Brave new world!!!

But, just to prove you can take the girl out of the country, let me share some earlier views from the California portion of my trip.

Views of San Francisco still bring out the neck-craning hayseed in me.

Cee has me checking everythng out in black and white lately, and I prefer these cast in a film noir mood:

DSC00500 - Version 2DSC00501 - Version 2
But my favorite is this rather sinister edited version that suggests Armageddon: