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Baby Slippers: Flower of the Day, June 25, 2018

Contrary to what you might think, not related to Lady Slippers.  Technically not a flower, but couldn’t resist this shot from my friend Gloria’s low entrance wall along her front sidewalk.




For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Pineapple and Friends: Flower of the Day, July 21, 2017



Tradescantia, asparagus ferns, philodendron and a small pepper tree furnish company for this pineapple grown from a pineapple top I laid on top of the soil in a planter months before this photo was shot. Not quite a flower, but as pretty as one.

For Cee’s Flower Prompt.

Gardener, Know Thy Garden. Gatherer, Know Thy Garnishings.

image and film from internet

Gardener, Know Thy Garden. Gatherer, Know Thy Garnishings

That bloom upon your table, trees in your “empty” lot

might feature in a bloody murder mystery’s plot.
Its fruit looks so inviting. Its seeds you gather with care,
just as an adornment, but there’s more than beauty there.

One drop can bring your ending. One fruit can cause great pain.

One time unknowingly eaten, you’ll never taste again.
Be careful what you gather and use care in your adorning.
What’s beautiful and delicious can kill without a warning!


(I’m adding this to Cee’s daily flower posting as I think it is important for us all to know that what is pleasing to the eye and palate is not always as innocent as it appears to be.)

Below  are all photos of deadly plants and seeds that I’ve taken that are in my own garden, my jewelry box, or the gardens of friends.  Who knew? I could go on with photos of lantana, lilies, oleander, but I’ve just been informed my startup disk is full again, so I’ll leave it to you to get to know your own garden. I’ve gotten rid of all the lantana because for some reason my dogs love eating it.  Also my lilies, as some varieties can kill a cat who brushes up against them and then licks its coat.



Datura from beside my friend Harriet’s door. jdbphoto

IMG_5368 (1)

My “empty” lot next door is filled with these deadly tree-sized castor bean plants.  jdbphoto 

IMG_5369Castor beans going to seed jdbphoto

IMG_5371 (1)Castor bean flowers jdbphoto

IMG_2970 (1).jpg

I’ve seen young girls in Bali drilling these seeds to string as jewelry.  One slip of the drill could bring about their end.  These earrings were purchased in Mexico.  I’ve purchased others in Peru.  Widely used for ornamentation, they are deadly poison. jdbphoto

Ornamental Kale: Flower of the Day, Jan 5, 2017

I love ornamental kale, but would never eat it. It would feel like cannibalism! Click on first photo to enlarge all. I couldn’t choose just one!


See Cee’s verbena shot HERE.

To the Point!!!! Flower of the Day 12/2/15

To the Point!!!
IMG_8522Version 2

Version 3

IMG_8522 (3) They are not yet flowers, but they are going to be––and aren’t they intriguing?  The ants just seem to be rolling in whatever delicious elixir this cactus is secreting!

For flowers the opposite of these and beautiful as well, see: