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Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Mar 10, 2017

Do you see the hundreds of starlings lined up on the wires trying to figure out which way to go?

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Cee’s B&W Challenge: The Letters C&D

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Crawling or Flying

Most things crawl before they fly, if they fly at all.  The wood termites shown in the photo have flown into my pool, chewed their wings off, and are treading water or floating on their cast off wings to get to the side of the pool so they can crawl up to my wooden beams and make a meal of them.  The golden orb spider spins zigzag designs in her web as she crawls to its center.  I haven’t been able to determine why. The orange butterflies were on a lifejacket on a boat on the Amazon.  Attracted by the bright color, they were no doubt disappointed by the taste.  The tiny green moth flew down to my computer screen one night and crawled around a bit before it settled on a nice spot. The hummingbird moth larvae are fascinating in their various mutations before turning into moths. I never have been able to figure out what the crystal shapes are growing out of the one caterpillar. 

Most of my bird watching takes place at the beach, thus the photos of pelicans and gulls. Except for the photo of the walking stick on the cap and the hand-held giant leaf hopper, which were both taken in  the Amazon rainforest, all of the other photos  were taken at my house above Lake Chapala in Mexico.



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Bare Minimum: Sunday Trees, Nov 6,2016


How sparse does a tree have to get before it ceases to be a tree and becomes a branch?

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge Week 22: Group

Our girls’ dance class has metamorphosed into a kids’ yoga/self-awareness class.  The girls seem to love it and we plan on adding a boys’ class as well.  Cynthy, the 20ish teacher, is a bit of a kid herself and the perfect one to work with the children of our village.

I love the picture of this group of pelicans and gulls flying off after clearing the beach of the castoff fruits of the sea shed on the beach by fishermen clearing their nets.

This group of young boys from our summer camp mugging for the camera is one of my favorites.  What sweet kids they are. Hope to repeat the experience this summer.

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Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge

DSC00144 DSC00146 DSC00144 - Version 2I cannot imagine this guy’s story.  He flew up to ogle our tortilla chips when we were sitting facing out over the bluffs of San Carlos Bay, Sonora, Mexico. This toothpick or porcupine quill-shaped object was poking straight up out of his skull and must have been embedded there.