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Photo by Nick Collins on Unsplash. Used with permission


They say there’s a conspiracy in our retired community
to try to form a sort of dietary unity.
Go easy on potatoes and cut down on your beef.
They say such limitations bring intestinal relief.
Cut down on your sodium. Eat fish instead of meats.
Eschew bread and pastry, but double up on beets.
You’ll assuage all your ailments, cut down on your weight,
and a much longer lifetime will likely be your fate.
More years without chocolate. More years without bread.
More years of deprivation. And then you’ll still be dead!!


Prompts for the day are retire, conspiracy, community, assuage and beet.

Across the Street: Thursday Doors, Jan 30, 2020


This is the ornate front door of my across-the-street neighbors, Brad and David. I came over to admire my newly-installed memorial for my roof dog Frida, now two years gone. Her ashes are inside so she can regain her former favorite spot on the dome of my house, surveying the neighborhood.

For Norm’s Thursday DoorsPrompt.

Change of Tune

Change of Tune

A new aesthetic each few years from dead head to new waving.
It seemed a change of music was to be his signature craving.
Disco led to hip hop, new age to heavy metal.
When moving to new rhythms, he felt in finest fettle.
Some found his music vile and others found it strange,
but at least within a year or two, it was bound to change.
The prestige of being “with it” was probably the reason
he changed his favorite style of music every other season.


Prompts today are aesthetics, strange, vile, prestige and wave.

Frida Resumes Her Perch

Frida Resumes her Perch

If you have been around for awhile, you know about my dog Frida, who passed away in October, 27 months ago.  At that time, I published this poem in her memory:
which was about, among other things, her love of standing on the dome of my house and supervising the world about her. For two years, I fantasized about finding a dog similar to her and cementing it to the dome with her ashes inside so she could spend eternity in her favorite spot. Finally, I located what I thought was the right dog, and this is the story that followed:

Please click on photos to enlarge and read the captions.

Ironically, the day Gerardo and his brother were due to come permanently install Frida’s memorial, my cat of 18 years, Annie, finally grew so ill that I called the vet to come to the house to put her to sleep, and luckily Gerardo and brother didn’t make it, but came instead today. Somehow this reaching of the goal to memorialize Frida helped somewhat to dilute the sadness over Annie’s  departure. Plans are in the works for her memorial.  R.I.P. beloved friends.

Turning Star


Virginia Creeper (formerly a mystery plant.)

Eileen at Write Here: Write Now identified my mystery plant as a Virginia Creeper. I have tons of them, but could not find one example of the flower, which is actually the casing around the berry opening up to let the berry out! Thanks so much, Eileen. You are today’s heroine.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day, Jan 29, 2020

Magic Circle


Magic Circle

Pardon my astonishment that rhyme and allegory,
as well as words like firmament and comminatory—
billions of rules and concepts, laws and definitions,
as well as music, laughter, a mother’s hands, munitions,
all evolved from stardust—clouds and soil and lake,
bow tie, fingernail and love, liver and wedding cake.

Movie star and  surgeon, macho, bi and femme
evolved from cosmic particles that wanted to be them.
A baby’s cry and earwax. Ribald jokes and laughter,

all the plots and schemes and lies to get what we are after—
all were once identical and so they’ll be again,
as after our becoming, we go back to what we’ve been.

Prompts today are rhyme, allegory, astonishment, define and lake.

Aloe Sunset: FOTD Jan 28, 2020

This year a bumper crop in aloe blooms has been rivaled by spectacular sunsets. Here’s a dose of both.

For Cee’s FOTD Challenge.




It was a wretched theory. They postulated that
if we’d all collaborate, we’d lose all our fat.
They weren’t very subtle. They gave us tubes of stuff
to squeeze over the food we ate, but never quite enough.
We had to buy the second batch, and prices just kept rising.
Whereas we never lost a pound—a result not surprising.
Later, they skipped out of town—an act our friends found funny.
They told us from the first the only thing we’d lose is money!!!

Prompt words today are wretch, subtle, collaborate, postulate and tube.