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White (Color your World)

Click on photos to enlarge and see details.

The bottom six photos were all taken of clouds. Taken by me from a plane flying between Guadalajara and Houston on July 2, 2021.

For Tourmaline’s Color Your World White Prompt

Dispelling Dilemma


Dispelling Dilemma

No matter how sad or distressing or gory,
for a writer, dilemmas become a new story.
You should forgive us, for the truth of it is
that the pathos of life provides part of the fizz.
We simply don’t know why there’s all of this fuss,
until the dilemmas happen to us.


The prompt word today was “Dilemma.”


Clouds: No Step? No Problem!!

Thanks for the one word prompt “Clouds” today, WordPress!  Guess who got a window seat on her flight between Guadalajara and Phoenix yesterday and took 206 photos of clouds? The ride, especially the landing, was bumpy but well worth it!



Taking the Long Way Home
Class Reunion

Since we know where we are going so well,
let’s take the longest route there,
out past England’s Hill and that dip in the road we kids called lover’s leap.
Silly the traditions we tried to pretend––as though our histories weren’t long enough
to have attracted real ones. Now all of those old newnesses
are curling with age, discolored, cracking at the edges––
their roughness catching realities and dreams
and mixing them together so none of us
can remember the difference.

The Prompt: This Is Your Song–Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Turn that line into the title of your post. (My song was “Long Way Home” by Tom Waits.)

Dripping: Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge: Humid

The most humid place I’ve ever been is Bali, but the Amazon rainforest came in a close second.  Whereas in Bali, our clothing consisted of sarongs and nothing else, fear of mosquitoes and malaria in Peru meant we needed to be fully covered at all times.  This made for sticky times but all that humidity made for gorgeous skies.  Here are some of them:
DSCF1989 DSCF1990 DSCF1720

A Photo a Week Challenge: (From Above)

A Photo a Week Challenge: (From Above) 


Flying home from Cancun was the best part of the entire trip. I couldn’t stop taking photos—from above!!!


I love how the shadows of clouds look like continents or islands.


You can really see the curvature of the earth in this one.

I’ve been trying to post these pictures since 8 a.m. this morning!  My connection is so slow at the beach that my blog library gives up on them before they have time to post.  I also couldn’t send them to a friend to post via Skype…Finally, I emailed them to him, which took over an hour.  So thanks, forgottenman, for posting these pictures.  I had more, but I’m giving up.  I had hoped to post pictures of daily happenings here, but I think it is futile.  I did get some work on the novel done, starting with today’s prompt, I thought, but never getting around to actually mentioning it, so I guess it was a starter without making the final cut.  Thanks for visiting.  On these days when it takes me so long to post, perhaps you could look back on some of my earlier blog posts that were barely read by anyone, poor things, as I hadn’t many readers way back then.  I’ll keep trying to post, but the writer’s retreat starts tomorrow.  Ten women at my house.  What a setting for creativity.  Waves crashing in the background–actually, just 30 feet away from the edge of my (rented) porch.  Judy