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Circle of Life 3

Okay, I’ve finally figured it out.  When I posted my second post on this subject, I inadvertently published it over my first posting instead of opening a new post…I erased the content of the old one–everything except the comments.  So, those comments from Cee and Nancy actually were for this image, which was an enigma to all.  I do think I’ve figured out what happened.  Guess if you wish, but I’ll post what i think happened below. Please note that I did not edit or change the image in any way.  This is exactly how I snapped it.

SPOILER–if you want to guess what happened, comment before you read on.  My guess at what happened: I think I inadvertently had the panoramic setting turned on.  I snapped the picture, then put the camera up to take another picture not knowing I was still taking the other picture.  This must be what happened. Can’t think of any other explanation short of photographic poltergeists.  But, why was the image not longer like other panoramic shots??? Mystery of life.

A Photo A Week: The Circle of Life (2)


DSC00086 - Version 3DSC00081

The circles of life above  were constructed by Nancy Gerdt, a talented artist from Felton, CA.  Here is her beautiful garden and her studio:

DSC00090 (1)DSC00103and some more of her work:



A Photo a Week: The Circle of Life in abstract (1)


What is it? Something whose cycle is vital to all life–a detail from a plastic bottle of water in the cupholder of my sister’s car.



Also vital for the circle of life: air–here represented by the air vent on my sister’s car.


And finally, a third component of the circle of life: good old South Dakota Jones County gumbo! It is this rich soil, here on the tire of my sister’s car, that sent me through college and assured my path in life…Messy, but thanks. I am what I am today because of it!!!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily don’t. (I wrote to this post earlier, and since it looks like only five people read the post, I’m reprinting it here.)


Of Stable Mind

There’s nothing I said yesterday that I’d like to retract.
Such wishy-washy thought systems leave me cold, in fact.
Those things that I believed in–last week, last month, last year–
are pretty much the standards that I still hold dear.
I’m not veering toward the right and I don’t like war games much.
I haven’t changed my taste for chocolate or changed to Greek from Dutch.
I still like Indie movies, the Avett Brothers and
prefer the beach to mountains as I like my walks in sand.
Though change is epidemic with apps changing every day,
when it comes to my beliefs, I think that I’m just going to stay
right here in the middle of the leftward slanting crowd–
where thinking for yourself is both encouraged and allowed.
No knee jerk either way, please, and respect for everyone
so long as they aren’t given to persuasion with a gun.
So I’ll post no apologia for anything I’m thinking.
I’ll row home in the boat I came in even if it’s sinking!

On The Way: Pigeonholed and Dovetailed!!!

This lovely pair welcomed us home yesterday.  I fumbled to extricate my camera from my purse and then its case.  I missed the initial perfect shot, but they sat still long enough for one fast shot,

then flew away.


Version 5


How many family albums have been thrown away
to make room for Tonka trunks and ruffled dresses,
Tinker Toys scattered across closet shelves?

Of what use are lives lived fifty years ago or more?
Store them neatly on computers,
sealed behind glass for all to easily see,
taking up space
only somewhere
in a cloud–floating above

so if the cloud is ever broken,
they will float down like rain
to soak white sheets hanging on clotheslines,
or onto windshields to be scraped away
by wiper blades–
like fine gnats or raindrops–

vertical memories
floating onto our horizontal world,
bringing the past to soak into the present.
Falling action becoming forward motion,
carried to the future.  All things indivisible.

Everything still here–
even if as ash
from burning albums,
curling crisply
and blown away.

The Prompt:  Do Not Disturb–How do you manage your online privacy? Are there certain things you won’t post in certain places? Information you’ll never share online? Or do you assume information about you is accessible anyway?

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Take a New Photo

I’ve been playing around with my new camera and the new photo editing program on Apple.  At first I hated it but I’m starting to understand it a bit better.  I still miss some features of iPhoto but guess it is the way of the world to change and change.  The alternative is petrification.  At any rate, I like the much-altered photo above.  Want to see the original?  Look below.

Version 2

And here’s another edited color version:

Version 3

Thanks, Cee, for this black and white challenge.  Due to you, I’ve developed a new fondness for black and white photography.  I love seeing the difference that alteration makes.  Hard to believe these three are actually the exact same picture with just simple editing.