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The Couch Potato’s Creed


The Couch Potato’s Creed

Though he who hesitates is lost,
impetuosity has its cost.
You should look before you leap,
because still waters might run deep.
Though early birds might get the worm,
rash actions trip up the infirm.

So all-in-all I think it’s better
if you aren’t a go-getter.
I guess the moral to this tale
is lest you lose or lest you flail,
you’re up against the proverbial wall.
It’s best you do nothing at all!

I’ve discovered an interesting fact about Morrie.  He frequently sleeps with his eyes wide open!  In the above photo, he’s on the sofa, but I snapped the below photos one morning when he had usurped my bed as well:


The boy knows how to make himself comfortable.

The prompt today was “hesitate.”

Good Dog, Bad Dog

We didn’t really need another dog, but Frida was tired of being herded around by Diego and what could it hurt to find Diego a new playmate?

(Please click on first photo to enlarge all photos and read captions.)

In response to this prompt:

Natural Alarm Clock

Natural Alarm Clock

I’m up before the Daily Prompt,
up before the sun.
Somehow I’ve started my new day
before the night is done.
The world is cloaked in darkness.
It’s too early for me,
yet wake up time’s whenever
Morrie needs to pee!

(Click on first photo to enlarge and see captions.)



Morrie Gets Sand between His Toes

Morrie seemed to have no problems getting accustomed to the beach.  He’s even a bit less disturbed now when mom puts him on his long lead on the porch and beach or in his cage at home and leaves to have a life away from him.  Why he can’t go with is a story we’ll leave for another time. (Click on first photo to enlarge all photos and see captions.)




midnight chocolate


midnight chocolate

just one crumb
of temptation

lying on yesterday’s
white floor

proof of last night’s sin
lapped up happily

by the
black dog



Temptation was the prompt word today.

Morrie Gets a Makeover

img_40532016 Model

2017 Model

Click on photos to enlarge

Personally, I prefer last year’s model.  This year’s looks too grown up.  But it will be good for the beach.  He looks like a square-jawed rabbit, doesn’t he?

Today’s prompt word was year.

Always Behind Windows: Monday Windows Challenge

Always Behind Windows

Not only on a Monday, but every day this week,
we’ve been locked behind windows, through which we have to peek
to see what’s going on inside, where all the good things are.
Other times, we’ve been inside, but now we’re kept afar.
Our noses sticking through the bars, our breath fogging the glass,
as intriguing as we find it, we hope these times soon pass.
When all this tiling madness is done and gone away,
we’ll have more freedom to run free each and every day.
No more behind windows, no more behind bars.
We’ll wander boundless in our world, where we will be the stars.
But for a few more days now, we’re sticking here like glue,
so we can tell these workmen exactly what to do!