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Where You May Find Us Napping!!!


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For the Six Word Saturday prompt

Doggie Drama

What are the chances that I would capture this action while I was exercising in the pool? But, I had noticed a large golden-orb weaver spider on my neighbor’s wall and although I knew it was too far away to get a good photo, I was listening to an Audible book and the phone was in reaching distance, so I thought I’d try. Coco and Zoe jogged over to check out my action and this is what resulted. Since i was holding the camera in my hands, I captured most of it, other than the recovery action which meant I had to set the camera down. Please click on photos to enlarge and read the story.



Zoe, My Teenage Terror

This brilliant article was sent to me by my friend Laurie. You may not be able to read it unless you subscribe to the NY Times, but if you can read it and have been reading about my puppy Zoe’s recent behavior, you’ll see it describes her to a “T.” 

I had more naughty photos, but WP thought it was appropriate to erase my entire blog after a half hour’s work collecting the photos, so I had to start all over again. Is anyone else having problems like this? I was updating and saving… then all vanished.

Canine Grazers


Canine Grazers

Perhaps it is genetic, this digging in the lawn.
By the time I catch them at it, they look up and they are gone.
I view the damage they have done, and although it is bad,
it’s not as worrisome as the snacks that they have had
burrowing into the soil, moist and rich and black.
The vet says eating soil to gain the nutrients they lack.

I buy them special dogfood, give them cereal for snacks,
buy various healthy dog chews by the box and by the sacks,
but still I view them digging, noses shrouded by the grass.
First just one and then they mine my lawn for sustenance en masse.
Must I invest in stanchions to keep their heads erect
so they’ll only consume the healthy food that I select?

But then I see that Zoe has something in her mouth.
When I move north to see what it may be, she zigzags south,
but finally she gasps for air, releasing something squirmy—
something rolled into a ball, but definitely wormy!
I beat her to the draw and scoop the huge grub up.
Quite a complete mouthful for such a little pup.

I took its picture with my phone and flushed it down the loo,
then tried to figure out the next thing I should do.
They’d infested all my garden, all their feeding sites turned brown,
and much as I despise taking any creature down,
the bacteria they carried could be harmful for a tummy
that could not resist them ’cause they tasted so damn yummy.

I Google it and hours later, finally I find 
that they were a garden grub of the cutworm kind.
Coffee grounds and and eggshells might curb enthusiasms
for these juicy creatures that were cause for all the chasms,
and yet they’d just move elsewhere so I’m off to find cure
that will lead to a solution calculated to endure.

At least the mystery is solved, though still without solution
until I find a natural means that will not cause pollution
that will seep into the water or the tummies of my kids.
A beneficial nematode that doesn’t harm, yet rids
my grass of all these chewers that in turn are being chewed
by dogs-o-mine who’ve discovered they make a yummy food!

Prompts today are soil, viewers, gasp, shroud, cereal, stanchion and genetic. All photos by jdb


Bad Zoey!!!! (Traviesa)

If I had to collect photos of things Zoey has destroyed in my house since February, it would take a good amount of work and a sizeable amount of space in my media file to share them with you. So, I’ll only show what I just discovered upon walking into my bathroom. I had a brief foreshadowing in the way she zipped out of the room, into my bedroom and out the door onto the terrace as I got up to walk to the bathroom. This is what I discovered:

It was my favorite Tarahumara basket from Copper Canyon, which I used as a Kleenex holder. She had to jump up and get it off my bathroom counter. I don’t know how. My purse strap was also hanging over the side, down to the floor, so I’m sure it would have been next. Remember the last time she completely destroyed a 200 pesos bill? I’d been so careful to keep the bathroom door closed, but one lapse creates results. My friend Brad is going to Copper Canyon later this year. Perhaps he can find me another pine needle basket like this one. So much prettier than a cardboard Kleenex box. The half box of Kleenex that I’d placed in the basket was more easily replaced.



Zoe is a naughty imp, impetuous and furtive.
It does me not one bit of good to try to be assertive.
When I employ tactics in trying to curb her,
I admit it does nothing at all to disturb her.

Her larger brothers turn wild as well
to cope with this little sister from Hell.
When I try to train them with whistle or bribe,
it does nothing at all to curb my wild tribe.

In the end I give up and retreat to my room
leaving the floor mat, my plants and the broom
to be rendered asunder by one tiny pup
who’s developed a creed that she’ll never give up

until every tactic she knows is deployed
to insure every thing in her path is destroyed.
Then she’ll turn on her brothers ten times her size
and pester them ruthlessly with no reprise.

My head I shake slowly. My hands? I throw up,
hoping that one day she’ll surely grow up.
Then I’ll recount fondly when she was a pup!

On the other hand. . . .

Prompts for the day are imp, furtive, impetuous, employ and train whistle. (Traviesa means naughty in Spanish.)

There is a video to post with this but I’m running out of time. I’ll post it later…

State of Zoe: Enjoying her Pain Meds

In case you don’t know, Zoe was spayed yesterday afternoon. Mom was worried, but Zoe seems to have come through it with flying colors. The vet said Just as she was giving her the shot to anesthetize her, that Zoe reached up and licked her on the face! She had a fan club by the time I picked her up 5 hours later.


Looking for Oscar

Yesterday, torrential morning rains kept Oscar away from his usual Friday morning visit to walk the dogs. Zoe sat by the door for most of the morning, whining and  hoping for his arrival. This morning, she did the same. Poor baby. She won’t be walking on Monday, either, as she is scheduled to be spayed. I’ll take her for a walk today.