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State of Zoe: Enjoying her Pain Meds

In case you don’t know, Zoe was spayed yesterday afternoon. Mom was worried, but Zoe seems to have come through it with flying colors. The vet said Just as she was giving her the shot to anesthetize her, that Zoe reached up and licked her on the face! She had a fan club by the time I picked her up 5 hours later.


Looking for Oscar

Yesterday, torrential morning rains kept Oscar away from his usual Friday morning visit to walk the dogs. Zoe sat by the door for most of the morning, whining and  hoping for his arrival. This morning, she did the same. Poor baby. She won’t be walking on Monday, either, as she is scheduled to be spayed. I’ll take her for a walk today.

Conversing with the Enemy

I usually only post to prompts, but I can’t resist posting this photo of Kukla and Diego. There doesn’t seem to be much animosity between them, but if she were to jump down on “his” side of the fence, a chase would certainly occur.  Gates and walls make for a peaceable kingdom.

Zoe: Last on the Card, May 31, 2022

Are you surprised that my last shot of the month was of Zoe? And her favorite toy? She pulls it around herself holding the cord in her mouth, winds it around her and growls at its bouncing after her, swings it high in the air and runs after it. I should take a video. You are all on the edges of your seats, right?


She looks so innocent, there in her little bed that she still prefers to the new bigger one I bought for her, her toys around her. Dreaming, no doubt, about her next naughty exploit or perhaps just remembering her last one.

Traviesa means “naughty” in Spanish, and it is Zoe’s middle name. Often her first one, because even after three months, “Zoe” never comes automatically to my mind, but “Traviesa” all too frequently does.

Tonight I looked down to see a much-chewed clutter of paper on the rug in my bedroom, along with Zoe’s favorite little ball that has lights inside that change colors when it is chewed or dropped on the floor. She was nowhere in sight, but the evidence was clear as to who was responsible.

At first I couldn’t figure out what the torn up paper object was, but when I picked up the pieces and turned them over, I I realized. “Oh no!”

It was my favorite photo of Forgottenman! It must have fallen from the shelf where I have a little collection of his photos.
When I Skyped  him to share Zoe’s most recent mischief, he was trying to figure out if it was his graduation photo, so I pieced it together as best I could:

No, not his graduation photo with Beatles haircut, just a crew cut with a little lift in the front and a mischievous smile.  

She shifts in her sleep, giving little running movements, dreaming the dreams of an innocent, but Moms know the truth about their kids, and fortunately, love them to bits in spite of it.

The Plot Thickens

See this dog??

And see this dog?

Can you tell which one is Zoe? The first photo I found on a site about Chiweenies–evidently the new “it” dog with breeders. This Chihuahua/Dachshund hybrid supposedly produces all kinds of mixtures of the two breeds, but the cutest I saw was Zoe’s. So, folks, I think it is pretty definite that I am the proud mama of a Chiweenie!

Hate to admit I’m still having problems remembering Zoe’s name, let alone her breed. Better choice than a Dachshuahua, though, don’t you think?

Zoe’s Doppelganger

Kirk and I saw this incredibly well-behaved dog in a restaurant. She sat upright on this chair for an hour and never moved or begged for food. As far as I could see she never blinked. But, she looked exactly like Zoe would look if she were twice her present size. What do you think? When I remarked on her behavior, her human said that she had not been feeling well. She is a rescue and one of 12 dogs he and his partner have. And 54 cats!  I now feel less a martyr to my 3 dogs and two cats. The second shot is of Zoe a couple of weeks ago. The first and third  are of her doppelganger. Zoe would have been in the middle of my plate in seconds.

“F” is for Friends

Zoe seems to attract friends wherever she goes.

For CMMC–The letter “F.”