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Heaven Scent


Heaven Scent

With no wall or door or fence,
the wilds a new experience,
when morning dawns, he’s off his chain
and free in nature once again.

From chair to chair and tent to tent,
He follows lovely trails of scent.
He’s on the trail of cat or rabbit—
hoping he might find and grab it.

Like movies scribed during the night,
they tell their tales of darkened flight.
He sees the various routes they chose
in pictures captured by his nose.

Humans cannot know or feel
the intricacies scents reveal.
He follows everywhere they went,
finding aromas heaven-sent.




The prompt word today was “scent.”


Canna Closeup: Flower of the day, Jan 31, 2017


A closeup of this little beauty just blooming in a plot of dirt between the sidewalk and street outside the fish co-op.  Lovely surprise.

This photo was posted for Cee’s Flower Challenge.

Where Time Goes

 Version 2

Where Time Goes 

They have not vanished without a trace.
Past years are written on your face.
They web your skin like finest lace,
its former smoothness to efface,
and write a story in its place.

The prompt today was replacement.

Canna Lily: Flower of the Day, Jan 29, 2017


Found this lovely on my way back from the weekly outside market.  I’m pretty sure it is a type of canna lily.  I’m sure some kind botanical soul will set me straight on its identity if I am wrong.

Here‘s Cee’s luscious flower.  I’m horribly allergic to them, but they are surely pretty.


Good Dog, Bad Dog

We didn’t really need another dog, but Frida was tired of being herded around by Diego and what could it hurt to find Diego a new playmate?

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In response to this prompt:

Boob Tube?

DSC07209 (1)
Boob Tube?

If only brassieres were pneumatic,

uplift would be automatic.
Once more, we’d sport that perfect coning
without benefit of toning,
surgery or silicone.
Our ladies would just stand alone,
proudly there in front of us
with less strapping and less fuss.
When they invented inner tubes,
why did they neglect ones for boobs?

The prompt word today was automatic.