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Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Mar 10, 2017

Do you see the hundreds of starlings lined up on the wires trying to figure out which way to go?

Posted for Cee’s Which Way Challenge.

Along the Road


This is the road that leads from the main highway into the little beach town where I spend time each year.  I’m presently here for three months.  And this is one of the first things I see along the way:

It’s the “Jesus, Mary and Joseph” Authentic Mexican Kitchen Restaurant.  Heavenly food, I’m sure.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge, Sept 21, 2016

The way to go may not be perfectly clear, but the way not to go should be!



Narrow Illusion


In the wide prairies of South Dakota, the only narrow to be found is the narrowing of the road in the distance.  It is a bit like perpetually driving into an invisible tunnel.

Here and There: Compose Yourself Challenge, Faraway

Here and There!


Version 2


I’m not sure if the first two qualify for this “Faraway” challenge, but at the very least, they are “Here and Away!”  I seem to be fond of sepia lately so these evolved from color to b&w to sepia before I finally committed.

Here are some more––black and white for the most part:

P2020376 P2080397 PC220543


I liked this pink tinge in the sky.



Take the Cobbled Way: cees-which-way-challenge-2015-week-27

Take the Cobbled Way

At the corner of my street, I always turn left, then always stay far right to avoid scraping my muffler as there is a big depression to channel the water coming down the arroyo.  Click to enlarge this picture and you can see a small trickle.  A few days ago it was like fording a stream!
IMG_1444 IMG_1439
Wherever you are going as you enter my fraccionamiento, the way is always up!  And the way out is always down.

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