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The Music of Water: The Siberian Ice Orchestra

 If you haven’t heard it before, and if you love music and percussion, this is a must-see:



The world’s purest ice! Efim Viktorov, 21, filmed during group’s ice gig. Picture: Etnobit group

Candelaria and Rodeo: Cee’s Black and White Challenge––Music

Candelaria and Rodeo

The wild parade with band that marks the opening of rodeo week was supposed to start at seven but finally passed at 9:30.  It was no problem at all as we were at Lora Loka’s listening to these three fabulous musicians/singers.  Tamales, chile, sopes, pozole and atole plus excellent company.  Ahhhhhh.  Mexico is one big celebration.  Parties or free dinners sponsored by different politicians, the ejido or private individuals every day and/or night.  Guess this isn’t the week I’ll get caught up on my sleep.

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Wednesday Afternoon Music Circle

Wednesday Afternoon Music Circle

I was so lucky to be invited to the Wednesday Afternoon Music Circle at Yellow Bear’s place in La Manzanilla.  I am going to let the photos tell the story for once and will let those who recognize the participants add to the story if they wish, so if you recognize yourself or a friend, please identify the photos and if you were there, give a bit of information about the afternoon in comments.  I had a wonderful time!!!

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How to Make a Clarinet out of a Carrot!

My friend Judy sent me this link.  Hilarious.  Utilitarian. Beautiful!!!

I actually played the saxophone in high school but passed the sax on to my niece.  Cindy, if you are reading this, please try it out––or send me that mouthpiece.  I’m ready for a reunion!!!