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One Word? Absurd!

One Word? Absurd!

In truth, if I may be so bold,
these one-word prompts just leave me cold.
They do not give a hint to me
of what the topic’s meant to be.
If I want a prompt so curt,
so brief, so blunt, so short and pert,
I could go to a dictionary;
but one word simply doesn’t carry
enough thought to jog my mind.
I do not like prompts of this kind.
So WordPress please just heed my plea
and send a sentence prompt to me.
Then I’ll shut up and cease my rant.
But answer one word prompts? I can’t!!!!

Traveling Troupe of Players (When Things Go Worse)

Traveling Troupe of Players
(When Things Go Worse)

When you show up to rehearse
remembering neither word nor verse,
it does no good to rave and curse,
to wring your hands and throw your purse;
for though your cast mates might grow terse,
just remember, it could be worse.
You could be riding in a hearse!