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TV Review: Rita

Has anyone else seen a Danish TV show named “Rita?”  It just came on Netflix and it is excellent.  Quirky, flawed characters with heart, a view into a foreign society and universal themes that hold our interest.  Irreverent, smart, modern and plain–the plot, characters and settings are perfectly believable.  I love the blurring of right and wrong in the characters and the shifting of roles between them.  Parent is child and child parent.  Watch this show for a real treat. I especially like the portrayal of the new young teacher.  She reminds me of the young quirky nurse on “Nurse Jackie.”  (I’m terrible at remembering the names of characters in even favorite books, films and tv shows, but if you’ve seen the show, you know who I mean.)  Subtitled, but so well done that you’ll barely notice, and you might learn a bit of Danish!