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Shaving Brush Bloom: FOTD, Dec 8, 2019


I have driven under the huge tree that sits in front of Pasiano’s house thousands of times over the past 18 years and only today did I notice that it is a shaving brush tree! One of my favorite blooms and the only one I’d seen before was in La Ribera in Baja California. I stopped the car, backed up and got out to take a few shots. Amazing what we can overlook so close to home.

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Baby Sun Roses–Tiny Beauties: Flower of the Day, Dec 6, 2019

IMG_4327 2

These baby sun roses are so tiny that they are easily overlooked.

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Purple Wing Vine: FOTD Dec 4, 2019

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This is the only two-petal flower I’ve ever seen. I love the three red hearts at its center. I believe it is a purple wing vine and I’m dying to get a cutting or seeds. Need to see how it replicates. My friend Glen spotted it in the outside courtyard of the cat shelter! Lots of cute kittens as well. And nine adorable puppies!!! Dare I?

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