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Tall Girl (Yellow Hibiscus) FOTD May 14, 2021

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This hibiscus is one of the newest that I planted about a year ago. For some reason, it grew on a single stalk that grew so long that the flower is far over my head The first front-on photo  I could take only by reaching up and bending the stalk over so I could photograph it. That’s my arm you see down below that looks like a stalk.  For the others, I had to hold the camera over my head.

See Cee’s idyllic shot of lupines HERE.

More Purple!! (Life in Color)

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I can’t believe that I went back for 5 years in my media file and couldn’t find one predominantly purple photo except for these flowers! I also couldn’t find one thing in my house that was purple, in spite of the fact that I love the color.


For: Jude’s Travel Word life-in-color prompt: Purple.