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Mixed Planter: FOTD Feb 26, 2021

Geraniums, Blue Fescue, Lobelia, Lantana and Kalancho in my new planter by the pool. I went out to photograph these this morning, got involved in a dozen projects and was just informed by Forgottenman at 11:22 tonight that I’d never posted!  Story of my life. Thanks, Forgottenman!

For Cee’s FOTD

Poinciana Memories



For Cee’s FOTD

I found this poinciana flower from the tree in my front yard pressed between the pages of a notebook given to me by Judy Reeves. Thanks Judy. (I put the flower and scribbles there.)

Valentine Poinsettias: FOTD, Feb 14, 2021


Not only do the poinsettias insist on continuing to flourish, but we forgot to put the Tarahumara creche figures away as well. We are still enjoying their company on Valentine’s Day.


For Cee’s FOTD

Mules Tail and Hibiscus: FOTD Feb 10, 2021

Had to show a closer-up view of the mule tail plant that you perhaps saw from afar in a view of the garden a few days ago. I love this fragile plant and I’m curious to see how long it grows in this setting in which it seems to thrive.

See Cee’s beautiful Columbine macro HERE.