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Flowers of the Day, Apr 23, 2017: Tabachine and Bougainvillea

Here is my backyard and studio, taken yesterday, plus a closeup of the tabachine.  You’ve seen plenty of closeups of the bougainvillea in the past.  Click on either photo to enlarge both.  it’s hard to remember what season you are in in Mexico as there is always something blooming.  The bougainvillea bloom year round and the tabachine a couple of times a year.  I just heard the first rainbirds (actually an insect–cicadas) this week so the rainy season will soon be upon us.  Then those hills behind my studio will be verdant green.

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Hibiscus del Oro: Flower of the Day, Apr 20, 2017


I didn’t realize I’d caught a visitor until I started cropping this shot.