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Hospitable and Not: Travel Theme, Bark

The bark of this giant tree that had fallen across the road and been cut in two, then left with the chunk covering the road removed, became a host for other plants and fungi to thrive on.

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Just a few blocks away, we found this other bark—this one less welcoming to intruders.


For the Travel themebark!”

Travel Theme: Intense

Travel Theme: Intense
IMG_3721 copy

I believe Diego was ready for either breakfast or dinner.  He had tried his hardest to be polite, but his mom was intent on her blog, so finally he let his wishes be known vocally. Things always get intense at my house around meal time!

IMG_5264 (1)Little boy lost or simply little boy somewhat overwhelmed by a tall world? Either way, he looks intense to me!

DSC00004I think my friends Lach and Becky look very intense as they entertain a crowd at La Rueda.  Alas, they are back in the states and La Rueda is no more, but the good news is that although they came to visit, they ended up buying a house and will be back down soon!  We did the same thing.  Came for one day, stayed ten and by the end of it had purchased a house.  Mexico stirs up intense loyalties in those who get bitten by the bug!