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Ancient Monkey

I love this beautiful painting of a monkey I saw on a remnant of a mural on a wall in Pompeii. I’d love to have a painting of it hanging on my wall!

For Cee’s CMMC Prompt: “N” in the middle of the word.

More Centipede

I promised Andrea to show more of the centipede I had in my macros post, so if you cringe at creepy-crawlies––-especially those with dozens of legs, you’d better skip this post. If you are viewing it, though, click on photos to enlarge. It really is beautiful–like nature’s jewelry. In case you are wondering, it has 42 legs if those two in back qualify as legs. The two in front are antennae. If you are wondering why I didn’t tag this as an insect, blame Forgottenman. He has just informed me that a centipede is an arthropod, not an insect. Hmmm. Checked it out and he is right.

Fatal Wonder

Fatal Wonder

Where’s that naughty kitty been?
Even though it’s nearly ten,
she’s not had a single nibble
of the tuna and the kibble
that I put outside the door
long ago—two hours or more.
If dead from curiosity,
she’s passed her illness onto me!  

For dverse Poets Quadrille Challenge: Curious

Perched Birds

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For Bird Weekly: Birds Perched up

Little Duck’s Redux: Cee’s Fun Foto Prompt

Click on first photo and then each photo to enlarge and see the story of Little Duck.

You’ve seen these photos before in numerous posts about Little Duck. This is a blend of a number of his different adventures. 

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Non-Alive Animals

Spying on Birds

Spying on Birds
A little bird flew around for an hour today with a balled-up Kleenex in her beak, looking for a place to build her nest. Her mate accompanied her and they investigated the plumeria tree for a long time but it is without leaves at the moment. In a few weeks it would be a possibility. Her mate then stood lookout on the Plumeria while she investigated the bamboo and bougainvillea. Finally, she settled on the big cactus..It was fun observing.
Then a vermillion flycatcher took over the lookout branch. If that is a Kleenex I dropped, some of my DNA will be in the nest!!
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