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Hibiscus Bud with Daddy Longlegs: FOTD, Nov 6, 2019

When I tried to take this photo, a cluster of Daddy Longlegs unfolded from behind the bud. Every year they collect by the thousands on my walls and plants. Welcome back, long-legged annual visitors. Please click on photos to enlarge the view. This is the first time I’ve gotten close enough to see their eyes!! Oscar is here for his English lesson, but later I’ll establish a link to earlier views of huge clusters of these yearly guests.

If you’d like to see the video of a past year’s Daddy Longlegs invasion, go here:

And then go HERE to see the incredible view of the first year I hosted a Daddy Longleg convention.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day

Hibiscus Closeup, Aug 9, 2019

IMG_4059 2.jpeg

I couldn’t resist one final closeup of this hibiscus that by tomorrow will be fallen and swept away. Beauty can be fleeting in this world, but so far, we can be sure it will be replaced by another of its kind.

For Cee’s FOTD

Blushing Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, Jan 14, 2017


Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, Sept. 21, 2016


The deer misunderstand and think these are hibiscuits, but this one has survived.  Taken in my friend Allenda’s hillside stone garden in Huntsville, Alabama.

Obelisco y Mas: Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge, 9/26/15

                                            Obelisco y Mas

Version 2
In Mexico, the hibiscus flower is an obelisco.  These two blooms were picked off the street in San Juan Cosala this morning as I came out of Cafe Saga after the girls’ dance class. I loved the rust-red color, which somehow I have been unable to duplicate in these photos.  I’ve tried decreasing the light to duplicate the color so that is why the photos are a bit dark,but none are the correct color.

IMG_5499 IMG_5497 IMG_5489 IMG_5481
I carried the two flowers to my favorite local plant place and although they had a rather large plant that he said had this color blooms, it turns out that the blooms change color three times and are only this color for about a day, finally turning into yellow. The plant I bought has no blooms, but I bought it anyway.  If it isn’t the plant I want, no doubt it will be beautiful anyway as I’ve never met an hibiscus that I didn’t love.  I’ll show you the results!!!

For more flowers, look here: