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Art Imitates Nature

Art Imitates Nature

Suspended in this plastic world, my heart a gaping wound
if not for all the beauty in which it is cocooned.
How would we salvage anything from war and greed and lust
without art’s kind revision of all that is unjust
to make us reclaim hope in life simply because we must?
It’s the alchemy of nature to which we are beholden.
It takes our baser natures, transforming them to golden.


Prompts today are golden, salvage, wound, plastic, suspended, and revision.

Euphorbia Flanaganii : FOTD Mar 12, 2023

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Thanks to my friend Linda Levy for identifying this flowering succulent as a euphorbia flanaganii. Also want to thank her in advance for reminding me of its name when I forget it in the future!!!


For Cee’s FOTD

Nature Photo Challenge: Pink

Except for the photos of La Manzanilla beach, all of the photos are from my yard. The first photo is of the fin of a needlefish near sunset. You can see it again in the second to last photo. At a certain stage of darkness, my camera tends to translate darkness as rose pink. Thus the pink glow in the photo of the palm tree.


For the Denzil Nature Photo Challenge: Pink