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Ornamental Kale: Flower of the Day, Jan 5, 2017

I love ornamental kale, but would never eat it. It would feel like cannibalism! Click on first photo to enlarge all. I couldn’t choose just one!


See Cee’s verbena shot HERE.

Almost a Flower: Flower of the Day, Nov 28, 2016


I love that in more northern climes, succulents give us the illusion that flowers are blooming all year long.  I love the subtle shades in this one.

Echeveria: Flower of the Day, May 24, 2016


Okay, I know that this is not the bloom of the echeveria, but I love them as much as any flower and I think they look like a really exotic flower, so here this lady is in all her blushing splendor. E

Almost Flowers: Flower of the Day, Dec. 26, 2015

Almost Flowers

Saw these gorgeous flower-covered bushes from a half block away, but when I arrived, this is what I found:


Oh well, close enough! I’ve never seen a pencil plant succulent change color like this.  Beautiful!

Here and There: Compose Yourself Challenge, Faraway

Here and There!


Version 2


I’m not sure if the first two qualify for this “Faraway” challenge, but at the very least, they are “Here and Away!”  I seem to be fond of sepia lately so these evolved from color to b&w to sepia before I finally committed.

Here are some more––black and white for the most part:

P2020376 P2080397 PC220543


I liked this pink tinge in the sky.



To the Point!!!! Flower of the Day 12/2/15

To the Point!!!
IMG_8522Version 2

Version 3

IMG_8522 (3) They are not yet flowers, but they are going to be––and aren’t they intriguing?  The ants just seem to be rolling in whatever delicious elixir this cactus is secreting!

For flowers the opposite of these and beautiful as well, see: