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Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns


I got a bit carried away, initially intending to only post photos of caterpillars with interesting patterns, but then a few butterflies flew in followed by beetles and bees and wasps and pretty soon I had a crowd.  I’ve been fascinated by the incredible number of insects there are in Mexico. I believe all of these beautiful creatures were photographed in my own yard except for the fifth one of the huge hopper on the hand which was photographed in the rainforest in Peru. So, here they are, Denzil!!! Thanks for the prompt


For Denzil’s Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns

Seasonal Hunting Party

What is Pasiano looking for??? Click on photos to read the story.

What Bug is This?

My neighbor came to borrow my drill and on the way back out to let him out of my gate, I chanced upon this insect. It was a very fast mover, but I was able to get one decent shot. Does anyone know what insect it is? It is about 6/16ths of an inch long.

It reminds me of a cow-killer ant but it is much smaller and redder as opposed to the black and orange of the cow-killer ants (which are actually a variety of female wingless wasps) I’ve seen here on my property. It is probably a red velvet ant but has different markings, is brilliant red and much smaller than ones I’ve seen before. Click HERE to see a huge Cow-killer ant I saw a few years ago and to learn more about them..

Veiled Mercy

Veiled Mercy

Home after a summer hike, a picnic and a swim,
while taking off your sun hat and dusting off its brim,

you find a tiny spider who has caught a ride—
one who would be better off if he’d remained outside.
Of course you cause a fracas, so upset I cannot quash it,

demanding that we find the harmless bug and promptly squash it.
When I respond with reason, saying it’s benign,
as usual you discount any argument that’s mine.
You won’t be contradicted, insisting out of spite
that the tiny hitchhiker is bound to take a bite.

Handing me a tissue, you demand I do the deed
before the evil insect has the chance to breed.
But, tired of your edicts, I even up the score.
I gently swathe it in the Kleenex and toss it out the door.


Prompt words for today are seal, quash, spider, fracas and swim.

Spiders and Glowworms: Sixteen Lines

Having Guests for Dinner

I very nearly missed out on her graceful zigzag gig
beneath my bougainvillea, suspended from a twig.

Behold the nimble spider, spinning out her floss
determined that no insect will turn out to be her loss.

See her web’s tenacity, holding fast her prey—
those delicious visitors who rarely get away.

She sucks out their elixirs with minimal delay,
having guests for dinner every single day.


Incandescent Insect Insomnia

When nature made the  glow worm glimmer,
would that she’d installed a dimmer;
for when I put out the light,
what I expect is total night.

When it puts itself in action,
I fear it sets up a distraction.
Little glow worm on the shelf,
please keep your glowing to yourself.


For dVerse Poets Creepies and Crawlies
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Are you old enough to remember this song? I think the lyrics are both fun and brilliant:

The Rest of the Story. . . . A Scorpion Adventure

Since I’d just had the house fumigated less than two weeks ago, I was distressed to walk into the bathroom and discover a scorpion on the floor! Please click on the photos below to see and read about the rest of the story.

Hibiscus Bud with Daddy Longlegs: FOTD, Nov 6, 2019

When I tried to take this photo, a cluster of Daddy Longlegs unfolded from behind the bud. Every year they collect by the thousands on my walls and plants. Welcome back, long-legged annual visitors. Please click on photos to enlarge the view. This is the first time I’ve gotten close enough to see their eyes!! Oscar is here for his English lesson, but later I’ll establish a link to earlier views of huge clusters of these yearly guests.

If you’d like to see the video of a past year’s Daddy Longlegs invasion, go here:

And then go HERE to see the incredible view of the first year I hosted a Daddy Longleg convention.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day

Not Cricket


Not Cricket

Almost anything the least notable that happens to me anymore, Forgottenman insists I must make into a blog post. I object. He prods. I comply. Tonight it was simply a VERY LOUD cricket whose noise was ricocheting off the concrete walls and dome of my living/dining room and practically causing the mainly glass walls to vibrate. After about 20 minutes, I developed a splitting headache and went in search of it, knowing that in these rooms and the adjoining kitchen there is so much stuff that I’d never find it. But, to my surprise, I tracked it down. Here is the Skype conversation that ensued:

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.38.04 PM