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I won’t go into details, but the last thing I wanted to think about today was snacking. Up all night, sick most of the day, finally slept in the afternoon.  Feeling better but still not up to snacking so I had a look at past blogs and came up with this:

Refresh Me

If you hope to make conjunction
with me at your little function,
serve potato chips with dip
and also, I’d appreciate a sip
of Diet Coke or Seven Up
in a waxy paper cup.

No one likes a fete that lacks
sweet or salty little snacks.
Pizza, nachos and popcorn, too,
are appropriate things to chew.
Leave caviar to lords and kings.
I’d much rather have onion rings.

Refreshments are an absolute must.
Without them, parties are a bust.
And any date becomes an upper
when it includes a little supper.
So if you wish to win my heart,
my stomach is the place to start.

The prompt today was snack.

Paloverde: Sunday Trees, June 29, 2017


My sister sent me this photo of the beautiful paloverde tree that stands near their property in Arizona.  My mother lived for 30 years in Arizona after I left home and she always commented when the paloverde were in bloom.

Climbers: Flower of the Day, June 29, 2017

I have no idea what this flowering vine that covers the wall between my house and the street is.  It is rather nonassuming in color and shape, but nonetheless fills a space.IMG_5305


I suppose it is the light that is the magnet drawing insects to my screen when I write late at night, but sometimes it seems like an electromagnetic force.  These insects do not flutter, but glue themselves to the screen. That force was active on the night described in this poem.


The prompt today is magnet.

Motocross uh, (Motoclaws) or, “Why Mama Cain’t Blog!”

After two weeks, the kittens, at first confined to the guest bathroom, then to the bathroom or a special large walled-off area we created outside, then to about all of the house except for my bedroom, have definitely made themselves at home.  Click on first photo to read captions and enlarge photos. I also have a video embedded below!

Check out this motocross motoclaws video:


Intricate: Word a Week Challenge

Since I’ve already done an “Intricate” posting twice–and long ago, I’m just going to give the links below:



Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Two by Two

A two-headed cat, pigs in a poke, marble nude lady wrestlers?  Better enlarge these or you’ll miss it all. Click on first photo, please, to enlarge photos to see details.



For Cee’s Couples, Twins and Twos Prompt