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Prickly Pear Roses: FOTD Apr 7, 2021


When we first saw this gorgeous prickly pear, the flowers were fully spread like camelias, but by the time we got back several hours later and I photographed them, they had folded into roses. Just gorgeous. Be sure to click on photos to enlarge.

Silver Bush Morning Glory : FOTD Apr 6, 2021

As usual, click on photos to enlarge.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt

I love this bush in the yard of Tricia and Paul’s house across the street from my sister’s house in Arizona. Thanks to Janet Waters for identifying it for me. I had no idea that there was a bush variety of morning glory. Thanks, Janet.

Bottlebrush Bloom: FOTD Mar 30, 2021

Just before I saw the rattlesnake today, I snapped a photo of this gorgeous flower in my sister’s yard–or perhaps it was her neighbor’s. They join together along the arroyo that runs behind them both.

Does anyone else see the face in this photo?


For Cee’s FOTD