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Copa de Oro: Weekend Prompt Challenge, Sunshine Yellow

Click on flowers to enlarge. You can’t see the golden glow unless you do!!

Yesterday I  promised to show you what the Copa de Oro looked like once it opened up. The last photo is yesterday’s closed fist. Today they opened wide! Since nothing exemplifies sunshine yellow better than the sunshine bright color in the throat of this flower, I’m using it for the Weekend prompts challenge of sunshine yellow. That glow is real. It’s the sun shining through the flower!


For the Weekend Prompts Challenge: Sunshine Yellow.

Mutability: FOTD July 20, 2020


Click on flowers to enlarge.

Each stage of a flower opening has its own beauties. By tomorrow, this hibiscus bloom should be opened fully. The next day, it may have fallen to the ground. (These photos were taken on the morning of July 19 but not blogged until  the 20th at 2 a.m.) To see the same flowers ten hours later ( 24 hours after these photos were taken) go HERE.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt