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Another Flower, Another Bee: Flower of the Day, Sept. 20, 2017

IMG_0220 copy

The cannas just keep blooming and the bees just keep coming. Thankful for that.


For Cee’s Flower Prompt:

Hibiscus, Sunday Finery: Flower of the Day Sept 17, 2017


For Cee’s Flower of the Day Prompt.

Dinner Plate Hibiscus Twins: Flower of the Day, Sept 12, 2017

Cee has requested that I keep on posting new photos of hibiscus and I haven’t disobeyed one of her suggestions yet, so here is yesterday’s crop. Two dinner plate sized hibiscus on my brand new bush by the kitchen door:

(Click on first photo to enlarge all.)



You must also look at this waterlily on Cee’s blog:

Purple Heart: Flower of the Day, Sep 1, 2017

This tradescantia vine, also known as Wandering Jew or Purple Heart, is one of my favorites. Regrettably,  I haven’t captured it too well, but I had to stop the car and take this shot from the window and an impatient driver was honking his horn behind me.  Even he has to suffer for art.  Like it or not.

That Tiny Seed

That Tiny Seed

That tiny seed
in the garden of your being
plants itself
in a corner where you might not notice it.

Unplagued by your thousand obligations,

it gathers moisture unused by your arid life.

On that internal table,
its petals open to a visceral sun.

You can feel the flutter

feel its opening
and see it in your
dreams perhaps
or in a daydream, as a reflection in a shop window.

What you are inside of you
is something you should feel the wings of,
smell its faint aroma, be at least a bit discomfited
by that tiny annoying growth of petal
that is a message from yourself.

Sign language.

If you don’t listen,
it will whisper.
Then it will shout.

The prompt today is visceral.