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Nostalgia Reexamined

Nostalgia Reexamined

The sublimity remembered when memory has its turn
often has beginnings in nostalgia’s timely churn.
That teenage bliss that we recall as being overjoyed
if remembered correctly would be being over-boyed.
Our adoration of the past is easier than giving
all the same attention to the life that we are living.


Prompt words today are nostalgia, overjoyed, adoration and sublimity.

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy

There’s a distinctive odor coming from your shoe.
I don’t know what is causing it. I’m sure it isn’t you.
An acquisitive vampire might pay big bucks for it
to augment the fetid odor in his burial pit.
When it comes to hygiene, I have very little tact,
so I have used hyperbole to illustrate the fact
that from the big toe of each foot right over to its pinky,
the fact is not debatable. Your feet are very stinky!

Prompt words today are odor, vampire, illustrate and acquisitive.

Boarding the Astral Plane

Boarding the Astral Plane

Living on the astral plane would be so very camp.
When you lie upon the ground, you never would get damp.
No one would delimit the boundaries of your soul.
Anywhere or anything could be your final goal.
If I could book a ticket on the astral plane,
I’d hop aboard and never come back to earth again.

Prompt words today are astral, camp, book and delimited. (Never heard that one before!)

Judy’s Internet Woes Continue – a guest blog

This is ForgottenMan posting an update to let y’all know that I just got a call from Judy. She is again/still without internet, but she’s sending out good, good, good, good vibrations to her faithful readers and friends. Right now she and her house guests are watching what she describes as the most intense, spectacular lightning display of her life, to the southeast of her house, across Lake Chapala. I insisted she grab her camera and video it for us! I hope she can, but there is tequila involved tonight. Lots and lots of tequila.