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Isolated Objects in Black and White

Some of these images are small in the collage. Click on them to enlarge.)

For Cee’s “BLACK AND WHITE Isolated Objects” prompt.

Under, Over, Inside, Outside, Behind and Closer, Closer! B&W Unusual Perspective

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For Cee’s “Ununsual Perspective, B&W Challenge.”

Black and White Halloween

Our Halloween was chill and wet.  Still, 11 Trick or Treaters braved the weather. I did another post of them in color but I kind of like these black and white photos as well. I know it is stretching it to enter them in Cee’s black and white Tongues and Tails challenge. Not all of these beasts have tales, but I guarantee they all have tongues.

Click on first photo to enlarge all.  Which do you prefer, color or black and white?

 For Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Tongues and Tails

More Benches for Cee’s B and W Challenge!!!

After I posted my last “bench” gallery, I admitted to Forgottenman that there were several I wanted to include that I couldn’t find. Not only did he find them in my past files, but he found a number of others as well!  If you haven’t seen them yet, to see the additional photos published earlier, go HERE. To increase side of photos, click on any photo.

For Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Benches


Click on any photo to enlarge all and view as slide series.
To see more benches, found after I posted this batch, go HERE.


For Cee’s Black and White Prompt: Benches

Cee’s Black and White Store Front and Building Sign Challenge


For Cee’s Prompt:

Rain, Fog, Cloud, Snow and Sol: Cee’s Black and White Weather Challenge

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For Cee’s B&W Challenge: Weather.

Studies of Pabu: Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Pets

This is my friends Allenda and Tony’s  darling dog Pabu. Limiting colors to black and white does not alter him at all. Click on photos to enlarge.



The prompt this week is pets.