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Pencil Plant: Flower of the day, Aug 25, 2018


I have always known this plant as a pencil plant. Its scientific name is  Euphorbia Tirucalli. It is also known as a pencil cactus or milk brush, due to its white sap, but it is actually a succulent. I’ve never before seen one turn red as this one did. Click on photo to enlarge it.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Jade Plant birth: Flower of the Day, Dec 17, 2016

Click on first photo to enlarge and see captions.


Nearly Xmas and Cee’s Poinsettia is a must-see

Almost a Flower: Flower of the Day, Nov 28, 2016


I love that in more northern climes, succulents give us the illusion that flowers are blooming all year long.  I love the subtle shades in this one.

Like a Flower: Flower of the Day, Nov 17 2016


Back when I lived in a place where flowers didn’t bloom year round, I always felt that my succulents were a flower of sorts.  This jade plant blooms like a flower rising above the falling foliage of its pot companion.

More Sedum: Flower of the Day, Sept. 19, 2016



Ms. Bee, Ms. Bee, how much more lush could a sedum be?

 (An interesting fact revealed to me by a bee scholar is that worker bees are females without ovaries, not males, so my former usage of Mr. Bee was incorrect.  Now who would know that???  He who knows all: Forgottenman!!!)

Succulent Potential: Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge, Jan. 5, 2016

Succulent Potential


The beginnings of flowers are often even more spectacular than the finished product.  I love this starburst effect on one of my most prolific succulent plants.

For more flowers, check out Cee’s site:

Hen Minus Chick: Photo a Week–Fill the Frame

Hen Minus Chick

IMG_4100The Latin name of Hen and Chicks is Sempervivum, which means “live forever” because they are so easy to grow and propagate so easily.  One of my favorite succulents.